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Things to Decide Before You Buy Engagement Invitations

Imagine your guest’s delight when they discover a thoughtfully addressed envelope in their mailbox. They can’t wait to tear it open and see what’s inside! They reveal a beautiful deck and exclaim, “Wow!” that’s beautiful! 

What a wonderful gift it would be for every one of your engagement party guests to receive. So, what exactly does that say about your nuptials? What kind of emotions do they experience as a result?

The tone of your wedding and engagement cards will be determined by the invitation you send. It gives your visitors an idea of what to expect and sets the tone for the event. In addition, it may increase your visitors’ sense of appreciation and anticipation of the party.

Nonetheless, before you go any further, here are some things to think about while selecting wedding invitations:

Know About Your Wedding Style

It’s essential to have a clear idea of your ideal engagement aesthetic before you start shopping for invites. Is this a small, cosy gathering or a grand, glitzy event? In other words, is your wedding in the afternoon or the evening? Once you have this information, selecting a wedding invitation that complements your wedding theme should be a breeze.

Choose Your Colour Theme or Palette

The colours you choose for the engagement ceremony are important. If, for example, you want everything at your wedding to be white and red, your invitations should follow suit with those hues. By doing so, you cannot only pull off an impressive display of colour-coordinating skills but also create a uniform aesthetic for your whole wedding ceremony.

Make a Plan for Your Money

In the same way, you have allocated funds for your engagement attire and accessories; you should also allocate funds for your engagement invitations and avoid going over that amount. When planning your budget, you should also account for potential costs related to shipping, packing, and other courier services. Think back to the time when you were aware of it.

Know What Your Guests Will Love

Considering the popularity of engagement videos, it is customary in Australia to send invitations to visitors. While doing so, you should consider the occasion and the guests’ personal preferences. If you know your guests aren’t as likely to be impressed by an e-invite as they would be by a paper invitation with fun extras, you should reconsider sending electronic invitations. Keep your financial constraints in mind at all times.

Keep Up to Date with Current Events

You need to be aware of current fashion trends if you want to select a beautiful wedding invitation for your own wedding. Examine the online portfolios of several wedding invitation designers and save the invitations that best reflect your tastes.

Be Prepared for the Number of Cards You’ll Need

To begin, make a list of expected guests. After you’ve done that, focus on how many homes there are instead of counting the overall number of people. If the bulk of your invited guests are already married, for instance, you may only need to send out about 65 invitations instead of 100. However, you should always purchase a little more than you need in case any unexpected guests appear.

The invites you send out for your engagement should mirror the overall theme. The invitation is the first impression you’ll make on your visitors, so make it count! Is a formal black-tie gown required for your party? You should send a formal invitation if this is the case. If you’re wondering, something basic and rustic is the way to go for a barn engagement event.

A good place to begin is by using wedding colours in the invites. Do the colours of the wedding and the engagement invites have to coordinate for some foreshadowing? Absolutely not! You may like to depict the place of your engagement, especially if it is a destination event. The anticipation of the trip will be much increased if you do this for your guests through your engagement cards. Additionally, you may include a depiction of the site or a design based on the theme.


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