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 According to the news, CDA has granted the BOC for Park View City Islamabad and this has been updated on CDA’s website as well. When this society was officially launched in august of 2018, realtors had many doubts about investing in this project. After the NOC was restored, the society was back in business in the real estate industry. Investors, however, still had some concerns regarding this project. Some of them are discussed here. 

Construction of new road 

       The society will be connected to Kurri Road with a 200-foot-wide extension patch with the CDA’s involvement. This approval came with the approval of the NOC. This initiative will take place after the CDA and Park View’s developers have a discussion regarding the technical details. After the society is given the ahead, Imdad has stated that the road will be complete in about 6 months.  

Sector F Lawsuit 

      The society has ample land area for the construction of this block and there have been no legal concerns in the entire housing scheme. Imdad has stated that this block has more land than the map shows and new plots will be available to book  


         The housing scheme will be gated and has a boundary wall around the 5000kanal land area. Park view city is completely walled as compared to other real estate projects in the neighborhood. 

Water shortage issues 

    The location of this housing society has an abundance of natural resources. This includes several streams, the River Gumrah, and water at just 16-meter underground. To fight water shortage, Imdad has mentioned that they will be developing a water treatment plant for Block A. where water will be recycled and reused. Rainwater will also be utilized by making it mandatory for every house to have underground water tankers. The society’s engineer stated that they will also be working to develop their own small dam. The Gumrah River water and rainwater will be stored and used for this dam. You may also like to learn about the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Availability of Home loaning services 

      Silk bank and Bank Al-Falah are currently offering home financing services to people who want to get home loans easily. This service will be available from more banks as well in the future 

Plot Transfers 

             The process of transferring plots has been carried out via the society’s official transfer office and not through regular transfer offices or registries. In the past, this society gained its reputation through transparent and secure transactions. The NOC approval makes the society even more reliable.  

Availability of public facilities in the society 

             The real estate project is working hard to set up a National School branch. This school functions under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. A grand mosque is also under development while hospital planning. According to the developers, this society will have electricity connections, Sui gas pipelines, and water pipelines will be set up and will be functional in about 8 months. A dispensary will be set up in the society as well.   

Affordable residential plots  

           According to many buyers, the residential plot prices were too high. However, the developers of this housing project stated that when the prices are compared to the rapid development of the housing society, the prices seemed fair. Currently, the developers are not offering property files but bookings are open for developed residential plots on an installment plan. Comparatively, the prices for Park View City’s residential plots are cheaper. 

Current plot prices and transfer fees 

       The prices for the residential plots have been updated twice as of now. Under the new price plan, bookings for 5 Marla residential plots are available with a down payment of 797,50/- PKR. These plots are being launched in Block A, B, F, J, and Block K.  

        As of now, these are all the details that have been released about the Park View City housing scheme and over time the developers will share more updates.  

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