The Comprehensive Guide About E Way Bill System

 The E way bill system came into effect from 1 February 2018 so that the interstate movement of goods can be very easily done. This particular system is always required whenever the goods which are more than Rs.50,000 or above value are involved in interstate transportation.

 Following are some of the objectives of this particular type of system:

 -It will always make sure that there is a single comprehensive system for hassle-free transportation of the goods from one place to another.

 -It will also make sure that there will be no need for separate transit fast every time for every state during the movement of goods.

 -It will also help to make sure that departmental policy model for the self-declaration model of the movement of goods will be perfectly shifted.

 – Efficiency element will be very well added throughout the process and it will make sure that overall goals are easily achieved.

 Following are some of the benefits of these kinds of systems

 -Implementation of this particular type of system will always make sure that the transporters will never be visiting any of the tax officer’s office or any kind of check post to generate the electronic movement bill for movement of goods across different states.

 -There will be no waiting time at the check post and faster movement of the goods will be perfectly there so that optimal usage of the resources can be ensured every time. It will also make sure that there will be no issues throughout the process especially with the implementation of GST tax policy.

 – User-friendly billing system will be there that will further make sure that there are no complications throughout the process.

 -There will be easy as well as quick a generation of the electronic bill that will further in handling move the tax administration policies and will make sure that verification of electronic bill will be easily done by the tax officer.

 -The people involved no need of visiting the traders to collect and submit the way billing forms.

 -Also the verification of the electronic waybill will be done on the common portal that will further speed up the process of verification and will make sure that there will be no waiting time and everything will be drastically reduced.

 -Everything will be undertaken with the help of self policy traders and at the time of uploading the things, proper identification of the bank reader will be there so that account transactions can be taken good care of everything automatically.

 -Tonnes of paper will be saved throughout the day because multiple copies of the forms will never be required in the whole process.

 -The returns of the supplier will also be automatic without any kind of issue and the furnished details will also be available very easily all the time.

 -The workload of the officials will also be saved very well from the whole process and everything will be highly streamlined. There will be no need of manually matching the things and each of the details will be easily available on the portals.

 -The old methods were very much prone to the errors because the system lacked the methods which had a proper user interface which is the main reason with the advancements in technology these kinds of things are very much available to the people. Also, it has lead to the removal of the state boundary checkpoints.

 – Whenever the digital system will be there it will make sure that there will be quicker movement of the goods and the track processing will also be very much efficient. The logistic time will be significantly reduced and the average distances will also make sure that consumption is very much optimal for the organisation. Hence, travel cost and the travel time will be significantly reduced.

 -With the implementation of these kinds of systems the government can also avail multiple benefits with the usage of tracking devices so that tax evasion can be checked very well. In this way, everything will be perfectly implemented and there will be no problems in the whole process.

 Who can very easily generate electronic waybill?

 Following is the list of people who can generate the bill:

 -The individual who is registered: All the individual who is registered on these kinds of platforms can generate the bills electronically whenever the transfer of goods will be undertaken to or from the unauthorised person who is ordering the go to greater than Rs.50,000 in terms of value. Even if the goods are less in value of Rs.50,000 registered person or the transporter electronic bill very easily.

 -All these unregistered individuals: All the unregistered people can also generate the electronic bill. In case the unregistered person makes the supply to the registered person then the receiver will always have to ensure that the compliances are very well met as it was with the supplier.

 -Transporter: The transporters who are into transporting of goods from the road, rail or air mode of transportation also need to generate these kinds of bills and this has to be done in case there is no bill generated from the supplier or the buyer side.

 Following is the list of documents to be provided at the time of generating these kinds of bills;

 -The challan invoices or the delivery challan

 -The ID of the transporter in case the goods are going by road.

 -The number of vehicles

 -The record numbers along with the date of the transportation (in case this is being done by the water, air or road means of transportation)

 There are some of the challenges in this system but it is very much important for the organisations to make sure that they are very much compliant with all the guidelines so that effectiveness can be ensured throughout the process. The E way bill software is the latest amendment in terms of technology in the world of logistics and helps in lightening the strain on the organisations and makes sure that they can deal with the things most efficiently.

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