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Fildena is a temporary cure for erectile dysfunction, regardless of whether it is caused by physical factors or physiological factors. By inhibiting the repeated GMP enzyme phosphodiesterase, Sildenafil Citrate, its main active ingredient, maintains and increases its effects. It specifically improves male reproductive health and productivity.

Fildena is priced between $61 and $217. It is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and is known as Sildenafil Citrate. Different package sizes are available, such as 100 Tablets, 150 Tablets, 200 Tablets, 250 Tablets, 300 Tablets, and 500 Tablets. You can buy after seeing the Fildena reviews on the website.


Sildenafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor, dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and other uses. In most cases, fildena is used to treat erection dysfunction, which occurs when men are unable to achieve a satisfactory erection during sex. This can cause problems in coitus and unhappy marriages.

How the drug works

It increases the blood circulation into the penis, so relaxes the body and leads you to longer sessions. The effects of this medicine can be better understood if we first understand the anatomy of the male erection. Human erections normally take about 60 minutes to become powerful. Fildena efficiency decreases with fatty meals. Because the body takes 3 to 5 hours to reduce its concentration to half, it is removed from the body much faster than its relatives. The effects last for four hours after it starts working.

How to use 

You can take fildena anywhere between four and fifty minutes before you engage in sexual activity. The recommended dosage is 100-25 mg, depending on your personal effectiveness. The maximum dosage recommended is once daily. To prevent complications and to ensure optimal effectiveness, it is important to follow your doctor’s prescription and take your medicine accordingly. Taking it one hour before sexual activity is typically taken if you miss a dose. Do not increase the dose the next time if a dose is missed. If you feel like you have overdosed on these drugs, you should tell your doctor about your condition.

We need to compare Fildena vs Viagra to know which is best to use. Fildena is a cheaper drug, so clients can afford to take it. The only drawback is that it may not be available everywhere, unlike Viagra, which is available almost everywhere. It is available online at some sites at reasonable prices in doses ranging from 100mg up to higher doses.

Side effects 

If you follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid self-medicating, you can avoid almost all side effects. These are the major side effects: headache, diarrhoea, loss of vision, vision changes, hearing loss, painful erections, breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, eyelids, tongue, hands and feet (rare), skin peeling, blistering, and respiratory tract infection.

There is no guarantee that a person who consumes fildena pills will experience these side effects, nor does it imply that these are the only potential side effects. It is possible for people to react differently to drugs and to experience side effects of differing severity.

When using the drug, avoid these things

Furthermore, some people may experience dizziness after using Fildena if they consume alcohol or marijuana (cannabis). You should avoid drinking alcohol, avoid driving when you take these types of medicines. Also, You can use our Kamagra In Place of Fildena.


  • Dizziness is caused by drinking alcohol while taking drugs.
  • Because of the dizziness caused by the drug, driving should not be attempted during the ongoing effects.
  • Pregnant Women are should not take fildena pills. 
  • Lactation – There is insufficient data to draw conclusive conclusions in this field.

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