The 10 most common questions about home renovation by Litman Construction

Here are the answers to the 10 most common home renovation questions. Litman Construction has helped to solve these problematic common questions.

1. Is a house renovation the same as a renovation?

No, a renovation often only requires a new coat of paint while a renovation requires a lot more effort. Perhaps you have dealt with the topic of renovation more often in recent months because you simply want to implement a different style or because you no longer feel comfortable in your own walls? Then a renovation will really be worthwhile. Bringing new colors into play can be significant.

2. Is home renovation expensive?

That depends entirely on the project. You probably already know what you want and should always set a certain budget for this renovation. Only exceed the budget in an emergency and be amazed at the possibilities offered to you. A renovation is always associated with costs, even if it is just new colors. In order not to pay twice, only good color should be used here.

3. Does a house renovation also include new flooring?

Yes, a floor covering such as laminate or tiles can also be laid as part of a house renovation. You can either buy cheap floor coverings online or take a look around the corner from your local hardware store. These floor coverings can be found in a wide variety of price categories and will make a room shine in new splendor.

4. Do I need knowledge to carry out the house renovation?

It is not wrong that such a rehabilitation also requires a little knowledge. However, it is also important to mention that it is better to consult a professional when working on the power grid, for example. Many trust themselves to connect a new lamp, for example, and there are certainly many helpful videos on the Internet, but the help of a specialist is essential for this work.

5. House renovation in the bathroom?

Here, too, everyone can fulfill a certain dream. But when it comes to laying new water connections, it is no longer just a renovation but a refurbishment. This, like work on the power grid, should also be carried out by a specialist. Because he knows exactly what has to be done to make sure that it is really correct and that no water is leaking. Everyone should treat themselves to this security. A professional costs money, but it should be worth it to every house builder who appreciates the security of their own home.

6. A house renovation from the outside! Is that even possible?

Of course, the house can also be renovated from the outside. This is where a new coat of paint can make a significant contribution to the appearance of a house. Every homeowner can let off steam creatively in his own house. In some areas, however, it is essential to stick to a certain concept in order not to attract too much attention and to separate yourself too much from the other houses. With a new coat of paint, this house renovation can be carried out from the outside.

7. Can a complete house renovation be carried out?

With a project like this, patience is most important. It is important that the money is right for this project. Nothing can be done in a day. The landlord should be aware of this. For such a house renovation it is always important to finish one room after the other and not to rage in all of them at the same time. This project would never lead to a good end and that is always a stress test for most owners.

8. I live in a tenement house. Can I do a home renovation?

You can do everything that has been agreed in your rental agreement. Painting the walls however you like should be done anyway. However, it looks different with floor coverings. These are often relocated by the landlord and must of course always be treated accordingly. However, if you want another floor and pay for it, you have to remove the floor again when you leave the apartment. But you can also arrange a kind of transfer fee with the new tenant in order to secure a certain share. This soil must of course have been treated accordingly.

9. Can I remove sockets and light switches?

Extreme caution is required when removing a socket or a light switch. Of course, you can reduce this on your own if you dare to. But it can also go wrong. In case of doubt, just ask your trusted electrician and let them remove the sockets. As a rule, however, this is not a problem. Just do not forget to tape them off, for example when you are wallpapering. Because glue can act as a conductor and you will be electrocuted.

10. When is the best time to do a home renovation?

A home renovation can span many areas. It’s best to do this whenever it’s not too hot. Because when wallpapering, drying times could be much shorter and that will have a negative effect on the appearance. Therefore, this renovation at suitable temperatures is appropriate.

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