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Should I Learn Piano Lessons Online?

If you prefer you can also take piano lessons online!

Can you learn to play piano without studying solfeggio?

Studying piano skipping the solfeggio stage is undoubtedly a claim … somewhat ambitious …

In short, believe or not believe all these artists who answer the following question in the affirmative. “Is it possible to learn to play the piano without studying solfeggio?”.

Obviously, we keep in mind that the great successful artists, even if they are lacking in music theory, will never have big problems … being however always surrounded by level musicians, by professionals who can overcome every fault …

Anyway, anything is possible unless we are talking about playing and performing the so-called “classical music”. We all know that rigor, self-denial and work are the key words of this traditional written music, of which Mozart represents the prodigious symbol. This music is transmitted only through written scores. There is little to do.

And here we finally get to the point: those who want to play the piano without going through the solfeggio box will almost necessarily have to limit themselves to jazz, soul or music defined as “variety”.

Of course, not everyone can become a jazz musician …

Composition is an art, improvisation too. Virtuosity is also needed in this field ….

Listening is essential if you do not study solfeggio. The ear must excel. It must be able to make us play a piece on the piano without using any kind of partition.

It is still a very delicate work of music interpretation that requires talent and a large dose of exercises. Memorization skills, curiosity about the instrument and its possibilities, its keys, pedals.

And so, without having made any reading of the notes at the base, modern music is within everyone’s reach and, through a few chords, can be freely interpreted by the imagination of the musicians.

Transmitted orally or through recordings, this less conventional music is very trendy today, especially among the “beat makers”, or composers who ally the piano with electronic music, as do Ryan Leslie, Pharrell and the French Dany Synthè.

And here, finally, how it is possible today to meet, on the one hand, musicians who play the piano without any knowledge of theory and solfeggio; on the other, pianists who do not move a finger if they do not have a score in front of them.

A true artist of our time, in our opinion, should know how to do everything: play with and without a score!

The solfeggio for piano study: how to learn it online?

Necessary, see also indispensable, the study of theory and solfeggio is the path to follow for:

  • Studying sheet music.
  • Slowly read the notes, rhythms and harmonies to memorize the passages.
  • Correctly interpret the scores and every single sound.
  • Playing an instrument referring to a score, especially during symphonic music performances.

If you still ask yourself: “is it worth studying solfeggio”?

It means that you are still wondering if you want, or not, to be able to play one day in a symphony orchestra, in short. Try to reflect to take stock of your future intentions.

Training by studying solfeggio and music theory means acquiring a whole series of elements that will enrich the practice of the piano, guitar or singing.

In this way they master:

  • The interpretation of the times indicated at the beginning of the score;
  • The correct reading of the treble and bass clefs, in which the music for guitar and piano is written;
  • The different notes and figures with their respective values ​​within a piece;
  • The breaks.
  • Without these bases of solfeggio, reading a score would be like trying to decipher a hieroglyph on a papyrus, understand a foreign language not of Latin origin or, again, try to make a recipe without ingredients and tools … These examples are enough!

Putting aside any hyperbole, let’s say that it is impossible to correctly perform the piece shown on a score, without knowing well the use of each sign. And this is learned only and exclusively by dedicating oneself to the study of theory and solfeggio, the basic subject in every conservatory worthy of the name. Training to know how to read notes can, therefore, seem boring: yes! However, it remains the one and only way to understand the musical writing system. There is no escape.

Don’t worry, though. There are countless online courses in solfeggio, videos on YouTube, courses in different languages, to learn the basics of music theory and solfeggio.

Keep in mind that currently the best method recognized by teachers is to learn by practicing. In short, theory and practice would go hand in hand to bring about a problem-free learning.

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