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Retail Shop Renovation: How Often Should the Retail Store Design Be Revised?

The external and internal appearance of a retail store is not just a status factor. This influences the growth of sales in one direction or another and ensures success or failure in the trade business. A well-designed interior, light, and layout of the premises create the appropriate mood among visitors and generate a desire to linger at the windows. Conversely, the lack of comfort and inconvenience of placement scares off a potential client.

Repair of commercial premises and its purposes

Such a responsible event as the renovation of the store premises is certainly justified in several situations.

  • Long-term operation and the long-term implementation of the last repair testify to the relevance of repair and construction work. The obvious presence of imperfections, lack of gloss, poor-quality flooring, cracks on painted surfaces – the list of imperfections is great. If something like this is present in the sales area, the repair cannot be postponed.
  • The furnishings have ceased to correspond to the ideas of a modern commercial interior, the materials are outdated, the design looks old-fashioned and uninteresting. Renovation of the sales area in the store will help restore its style and will be highly appreciated by customers.
  • Successful development and sales growth dictate expanding and equipping new, more spacious, and suitable areas. In this case, you cannot do without a competent architect and designer. A professionally designed project and repairs carried out on its basis will take your enterprise to a new level.
  • Has the old room ceased to be comfortable? Or was it demolished? Moving under a new roof is inevitable, and with it the renovation of new premises in accordance with the needs and trade specifics of the store.

Types of store repairs and their features

The team of our company carries out work on the repair of retail space of any specialization. The final cost of repairs in a store depends on several factors, and first of all, on the amount of work to be done. According to this criterion, there are three types of repairs – cosmetic, capital, and design.

  1. The first option, cosmetic, is the most efficient and does not require large financial investments. It affects the superficial renovation of floors, ceilings, walls and does not include manipulations with structures, communications, and redevelopment.
  2. Overhaul is more thorough – the changes affect both the visible and internal elements of the room, including the screed, windows, doors, etc. This also includes the layout of the store, demolition of floors, arrangement of partitions, complex finishing work in the store, and so on. In other words, here we are dealing with the so-called “turnkey repair.”
  3. The designer renovation will appeal to supporters of creative solutions. It can be both cosmetic and capital. Especially for you, our specialists develop an individual design project detailing all the nuances of the future store in accordance with the wishes of the customer. You get not only a professional embodiment of your ideas, but also recommendations for their optimal implementation. Absolute originality and exclusivity of the project and subsequent renovation are guaranteed to you.

Professional repair services for shops and boutiques

Provision of services for the repair of store premises at a professional level includes a set of works, including:

  • development of the project and its coordination with the customer;
  • determination of the exact timing of the work in accordance with the schedule;
  • direct execution of repairs.

How often should the retail store design be revised?

There is no hard and fast rule on this question. The store should be modernized whenever you notice something is wrong. For example, if there is not enough space or if your customers are hardly interested in certain locations/areas in the saleroom.


But be careful, because humans are creatures of habit. While you are doing your customers and yourself a favor with a shop renovation, if you adapt the shop fitting to the needs of your customers, they quickly feel uncomfortable. If you are unsure, it is better to get expert tips for a successful shop fitting.

You don’t feel like having to look for certain goods every few weeks because they are already somewhere else?

Better hold back on this point. A complete redesign and optimization of the shop interior should take place at most once a year. If you are only redesigning individual parts of your business, you can increase the modernization to one to three times a year.


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