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Prince Charlie Jacket

Prince Charlie Jacket

Choosing the perfect kilt dress can be a head-scratching business for all the non-scots out there as there are so many details to remember. One thing to be kept in mind while organizing the dress is for you to look good in it whatever the occasion. Besides the great kilt, the second most crucial garment for Scottish clothing is the Jacket. We will highlight a type of Jacket worn with the patterned kilt skirt known as Prince Charlie Jacket.

Features of the Jacket:

Prince Charlie Jacket is casually referred to as ‘Coatee.’ The name was designated because it finishes just above the waist and enables the wearer to flaunt the kilt along with the sporran without overlapping. It is an esthetically decorative jacket with lapels that are tailored with a satin-like garment.

When it comes to the cuffs of Prince Charlie Jacket and vest, it is decorated with three fine-design buttons. These buttons are first sewn on a different cloth and then tailored on the Jacket. Buttons are stitched on top of each other vertically. The same buttons are symmetrically sewn on other parts of the Jacket too. The button’s shape and style tend to vary for each coat, but mostly bone and silver buttons are preferred.

When it comes to the Jacket fabric, it is made from a woolen material formally known as ‘barathea.’ There is an excellent range of colors for the customer’s selection. In the old times, barathea only came in black color, but as the fashion advanced, the cloth was dyed into beautiful colors.

What occasions are suitable for wearing prince Charlie Jacket?

With all its detailing, the Prince Charlie jacket back is perfect for every formal occasion. The Jacket is also referred to as the Tuxedo with Scottish equivalence. Events like weddings, ball dance, and dinners are best suited for the Prince Charlie Jacket.

The Prince Charlie Jacket with waistcoat in modern times

The fashion these days demands a personal touch when it comes to the Great Kilt outfit. As an example, people these days prefer a cummerbund instead of wearing a waistcoat with jackets. Another fashion alternative that people does with the Jacket is to wear a formal tie instead of a bow tie.

Where to buy the Prince Charlie Jacket

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Prince Charlie Jacket is a beautiful piece of apparel in the kilt outfit. The hussar Jackets is worn mostly on formal occasions. Back in the old days, the fabric base out of which the prince Charlie jacket is made comes in black. However, today, you can find a lot of colors.

Prince Charlie Jacket is casually referred to as ‘Coatee.’ The name was designated as it finishes just above the waist. Besides that, it enables the wearer to flaunt the kilt along with the sporran without overlapping

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