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Pasta Cooker: Bring Italy To Australia

Pasta is rapidly becoming the default staple dish at many restaurants around Australia. In light of this, it is self-evident that pasta ought to have a significant place on the menu of every commercial kitchen unless the establishment specialises in some other culinary subject. If the establishment specialises in some other culinary subject, pasta should have a significant place on the menu. Because pasta is such a staple in Australian diets, it is to your best advantage to be well-prepared for any situation that may arise. You will be able to do just that if you furnish your kitchen with a commercial pasta cooker of superior quality, and at Moffat, we provide a selection of different models from which you can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. To get things started, let’s look at how a pasta cooker might improve your business’s bottom line.

Euromonitor estimates that sales of the well-known Italian gourmet product reached our shores in the amount of AU$438 million in 2014. This popularity has been around for a long time in the land down under, where it has been a favourite for a long time. In addition, a poll carried out by Good Food Australia found that the majority of Australians (61 per cent) had had some form of pasta within the previous week.

Faster pasta

You shouldn’t be shocked if you find yourself flooded with requests for pasta, given how popular it is in this nation; in fact, you shouldn’t even be astonished. You will need a machine that can process orders quickly if you want to keep your clients pleased and ensure that their stomachs are always full. The use of a standard pot and pan, on the other hand, is not suitable for production on a commercial scale; however, using a commercial pasta cooker is another matter entirely. This is because the equipment used in commercial kitchens utilises either gas heat or electric components to bring water to a boil at breakneck speed, allowing for consistently preparing high-quality pasta at the highest possible level.

Take risks or accept defeat.

Moffat’s selection of commercial kitchen equipment and pasta cookers made by Waldorf is just what your restaurant needs, and you can get them at Moffat. These compact machines, endowed with power and incredible output productivity, can fit flawlessly in any kitchen, regardless of the amount of available space. In addition, each of the Waldorf Bolds comes with a depth that is the industry standard of 805.5 millimetres; this ensures that your kitchen can accommodate even the most demanding requests from pasta lovers in Australia. Moreover, each Waldorf Bolds comes with an industry-standard of 805.5 millimetres depth.

There aren’t very many ready-to-use cookers on the market today with a built-in water fill and starch skimming water faucet integrated into the design. The amount of water that flows into the cooker from this faucet can be regulated precisely to match your requirements. Once the pasta has been cooked, it can be drained using the stand that is included in the product’s design. The open layout is constructed of 316-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean and comes with a warranty for ten years. Additionally, the model comes with four pasta baskets constructed of stainless steel. This means that you will have a consistent supply of pasta cooking even if there is a great demand for it, which is a significant benefit.

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