Mobile Phone Tracker Apps to Trace a Lost/Stolen Device [2021]

Smartphones are currently turning out to be one of the most personal things individuals own today. The notion of being cut away by the rest of the world and the cost involved is unbearable. However, what should you lose your smartphone? It takes a fraction of a second to eliminate a device or for it to be stolen. The feeling of losing your dependable electronic sidekick through theft or honest error is stressful.

If your phone is lost and wondering how to track a stolen cellphone, do not panic. Technology has a way out to you. Smartphones include inbuilt methods for monitoring them when lost. However, the majority of them lack some advanced features provided by some committed surveillance apps. Happily, we are back with best mobile phone tracking apps.

Finest Mobile Phone Tracker Apps at 2021

These lost phone monitoring apps can track the apparatus’s location and even follow all of the activities on your target device. This article lists the top 10 phone tracking apps to track a lost/stolen phone location for free.

  1. TheWiSpy

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TheWiSpy is one of the very best phone tracker app with parental control features and can be obtained for android device. The program was developed in 2010 by a London-based app development agency and has been utilized by thousands of customers worldwide. Its real-time place monitoring feature makes it one of the very best mobile tracker app to track the lost or stolen devices and get in-depth insights on various online and social media actions.

Notable features of TheWiSpy program:

  • Full real-time place tracking
  • Track photos & Videos
  • Monitor internet usage
  • Download the best mobile finder program for Android and iOS
  1. Where’s My Droid

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Where is My Droid is a remarkable mobile phone tracker to track a stolen device. When deployed, it turns the ringer volume up and leaves the apparatus ring. In case the device is not near enough to the apparatus to hear the ringer, the program sends the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps.

  • GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery
  • Remotely lock device
  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized program changes
  • No battery drain
  • Download the best mobile finder program for Android
  1. iSharing

Explore more features: iSharing App Inspection

Contrary to other apps, the iSharing app not only monitors the lost device but also, the app keeps track of family members. The program to locate the lost phone allows the user to be different in creating groups, communicating, and monitoring their band members’ real-time location. It even has a feature through which you can see the location history of group members.

  • Notable features of the Telephone monitoring app, iSharing program:
  • Allows chatting with the group members
  • Real-time alerts
  • Safety features like anxiety alert
  • Works like a walkie talkie
  • Download the best missing phone app for Android and iOS
  1. Find My Device

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Locate My Device is a popular and efficient program. Even if the unit is missing in a comfortable location, one can find the device by ringing. Its other functionalities comprise a complete list of indoor paths for stadiums, airports, malls, and critical landmarks.

  • Notable features of the best Find My Phone program for Android:
  • Locks the device using a custom message and contact number
  • Works even in the silent mode
  • Tracks the network and battery status
  • Displays outdoor as well as indoor maps
  • Download the best program to find a lost phone for Android
  1. Aispyer.apk

Aspire is a phone tracker app that, due to its small dimensions, works in the background. Once the account is made with aispyer.apk, their website and their app are downloaded on the target device; the app starts sending the place alarms of the goal telephone every hour and understanding the present location of your nearest and dearest with aispyer.apk with full particulars of time aids in ensuring their safety.

  • Notable Features of Aispyer.apk which make it among the unique mobile trackers around:
  • Provides real-time location of the device.
  • Aspire is mostly untraceable. It is tiny in size and so, doesn’t draw attention.

Aspire updates location once an hour on its rarity and makes the account holder understand the most recent area of the goal, in case the phone gets stolen.

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