Know More About (Top Selling) Organic Tea Blends in Australia

Every day, millions of people start their day with a steaming cup of coffee or tea blends infused with black tea leaves. Sometimes both! With this, most of us still have a hard time thinking and deciding whether to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Well, we have to mention that both taste amazing; both deliver a good dose of caffeine, and both deliver several health benefits. 

It doesn’t matter what variant you choose among them; they both have existed for centuries and are still existing for several good reasons. With the high consumption of tea, many Australian tea companies have come forward and introduced a fresh variety of tea blends that are even admired by innovative baristas, connoisseurs, and sommeliers around the world. 

Before we move on to know some of the approved and best selling variants of organic tea in Australia, here’s a quick brief to go through. Basically, herbal teas are grown without any use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Even the soil used in the plantation farm is infused with natural nutrients and natural compost, blending a wholesome of goodness in the tea leaves. 

Also, the organic tea blends contain premium catechins and polyphenols, which are a perfect dose of antioxidants. But, first, let’s check out some hand-selected loose tea leaves picked and sold by different Australian tea companies

  • English Breakfast – A blend that traditionally originated from Sri Lanka. The broken tea leaves are perfect for hitting the right spot and waking your mind every morning. 
  • Earl Grey – It is a beautifully balanced blend with more of an earthy character and natural bergamot flavour. 
  • Peppermint – The light, delicious, minty, and refreshing tea variant offers a kick to your mind and body without any caffeine content. 
  • Green Jasmine – The blend has a full bodied jasmine zest and leaves a light yellow infusion. Perfect for leaving your senses in a refreshed state. 
  • Orange Pekoe – The black tea leaves have a distinctive aroma and taste ideal for enjoying all day long, with or without milk. 
  • Forest Berry – One of the fruity and sweet tea variants that awakens and delights the senses. The blend can be enjoyed both hot and cold, prepared with a pretty collection of wildflowers and berries. 

Ultimately, what matters the most is to choose a trusted manufacturer who offers such beneficial blends in excellent quality and at competitive prices. So if you are a restaurateur, retailer, or supplier, switch to buying wholesale and help your business thrive with tailor made solutions. So which organic tea blend do you prefer more? Do any of your favourites have left your customers and guests surprised? Let us know your favourites in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.


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