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In this lonesome year of pandemic along with a couple of other skills, people have also inclined more towards photo editing because of the increasing demand. So, for your convenience, this article will list and briefly explain the useful image editors that you can use on Mobiles and PCs.

Android And iOS:

If you use mobiles extensively for editing images read this blog for the photo editing apps or else, you can skip ahead to the PC section.

Filters And Photo Collage:

Rely on the following list to add filters and make photo collages from the photos on your mobile device. But some of those tools can also be found on PCs.

Flickr: It is a very cool and wide platformed image editor that focuses more on adding filters and using free licensable photos from all over the world. This is a free version in android and iOS mobile devices, it can be directly downloaded from the app store. You better use the web version if you are a PC user.

Repix: Repix is another free to use filters adder for android and iOS mobile devices, that has cool filters that you can add to your images. There are other filters in this application that you can purchase.

Snapseed: This is a trusted and well renown mobile application owned by Google, that people have been using when it comes to minor edits and brightness correction. Snapseed doesn’t feature advanced cropping or editing but you can change the contrast, saturation, etc of the image just by selecting the tool and swiping left or right.

VSCO: Unlike the above editing applications this has basic tools like vignette and grayscale. This also features a lot of filters along with tools to balance the saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Prisma Photo Editor: Everything goes wrong if we don’t mention the app of the year. Prisma editor has that record from 2016 and since then have attracted a ton of people by its awesome filters and a new concept of turning images into artistic paintings. Prisma also identifies parts of your face by AI programming and provides you with tools to alter your teeth and eyes.

Foodie: As the name suggests, if you love taking pics with food, this is an essential application that you can have with you.

This develops the colour of the food that dims when you take a photograph. Because advanced camera applications focus on making your face visible and clear and they ignore the surroundings. If any, this application will develop a food colour for you.

Live Collage: Making a photo collage is an option available in every devices’ default editor. But this will help you access that with more features on the way.

Canva: Canva is a popular application that provides you with a lot of templates and a free library within which you can choose and edit your photo.

Advanced Editors:

Mobiles don’t have extensive editors available simply because it is hard to edit minutely, but there are applications too.

Pics Art: When it comes to advanced editing on mobile, you cannot avoid Pics Art. It facilitates you to free crop on the shape you wish and also add filters like the one you saw above. So, if you wish to own an option to add filters, collage, and also edit in the advanced level, try Pics Art.

Adobe Photoshop: This is similar to the previous application. Both work well with advanced edit and photo collage.

PC and Mac:

This is where people edit and make their dream into artwork. So, the following are the popular image editors preferred by PC users.

Canva: On PCs, the only web version is available in Canva, just like mobile here also it provides you with plenty of features and some even exclusive only for the web version. You can create book covers, flyers, posters, and numerous templates with aspect-ratio you want them with.

Adobe Illustrator: Great application to create and edit your photos in advanced levels.

The above photo shows you the interface of the illustrator. You can do whatever you wish with an image with Illustrator. But it is well known for its vector art creating ability

Adobe Lightroom: Similar to the previous one, this is another good photo editor that you will end up using on a PC or Mac. This has no vector art development but pure and in-depth image editing.


If you want your photo editing apps on cross platforms like mobile applications on PC, you can try installing blue stacks. But a web version of all the mobile applications is available that is better than the actual ones. So, good luck with your editing and filtering of images.

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