IELTS Test Taking Strategies Every Test Taker Should Know

Taking the IELTS test can be a daunting chore especially when English is not your native language. However, you might be good in English, but due to a lack of confidence and preparation, it can be tough to crack the exam on the first attempt. Though, you do not need to worry about this academic test as the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana can help you significantly. With the help of expert guidance, you can get top-notch coaching for all modules i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and can get familiarity with valuable tips and test taking strategies to become a winner. 

Here are valuable test taking strategies that you should know for every IELTS module

IELTS listening

  • Listening is the top-scoring module in IELTS as you can score even 9 bands in it. But, remember that in order to make it scoring, it is crucial to keep a proper focus on questions. You will hear the recording for a single time during the test, so when it comes to capturing answers from the conversations, you need to be attentive. A professional IELTS institute in Jalandhar can help you with explicit coaching in listening and keep you engaging with regular practice. 
  • Experts will give you instructions to read the questions of each listening section carefully to anticipate the situations well. You should identify the tone of questions such as what, where, how, and whom, etc. It will let you know about situations that you will encounter in the conversation among two people, in a lecture, or information. Your IELTS coach will also instruct you to write answers with correct spellings in order to prevent marks losing, as copying answers carefully is also an important skill that can accelerate listening bands.  

IELTS writing

  • It consists of two tasks that you have to complete in duration of 60 minutes. The task can be complicated for you if you are not good at writing. The examiner will give you marks against four factors such as grammatical range and accuracy, task achievement, lexical resource, and coherence and cohesion. First of all, as a newbie, you would get confused that how to make a balance in writing to achieve marks on all factors. The best way to understand and enhance the writing ability is to consult with the IELTS institute in Jalandhar. 
  • When you enroll for coaching, you will get insight to make improvements in writing that only require the following constructive tips. For instance, the IELTS mentor will guide you on how to attempt each task with correct answers by understanding what is the question? You will also get instructed to keep the correct sentence structure. You will be guided thoroughly for use of grammar accurately and to use connectors to make writing attractive. The best thing that you would learn through IELTS coaching is time management. Tutors will let you discover the way to allocate proper time to complete both tasks within an hour. 

IELTS reading

  • Reading is all about creativity that you must have while taking the actual exam. In this section, you will face various texts and have to find answers from them for the given questions. The best IELTS institute in Ludhiana can boost your creativity as a thinker to find specific answers to score good bands. Mentors will give you practical tips to capture the right answer relating to the given questions. Though you should read the entire text repeatedly as it would nothing but waste your time, so the IELTS coach will guide you that how to understand the question and find the answers quickly and sensibly. 
  • Another valuable strategy that your IELTS mentor instructs to follow is marking the keywords in the paragraphs. It will help you to reach the specific point of the text where you have marked the keyword relating to the question. Probably, it would save your precious time and can drive good bands. 

IELTS speaking

  • Speaking is the most crucial part of the IELTS exam since most of the students find it frightening to speak in front of the examiner. Lack of confidence and erratic English command is also a major factor that makes it difficult. However, with continuous speaking practice throughout the coaching period and by following the instructions by the mentors, you can demolish this obstacle. 
  • Professional mentors will engage you in one-on-one speaking sessions and point out the weak areas. They will help you tremendously to make improvements by providing tips on how to introduce yourself, how to think for the cue card topic, and how to reply to the questions of the examiner. You will also get vocabulary guidance from the coach to improve speaking that will not only help you to speak well, but will also fill you with confidence to achieve desired bands in speaking.

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