How to use Salesforce for customer retention

After you have done your research on the benefits of CRM, you’ve decided to embrace Salesforce in your business to boost productivity. All along, you’ve made your effort; networked, drawn visitors to your site, ramped up your social media presence. You’ve gathered relevant data for leads, and the leads are now customers.

Then after a while, the customers cancel their accounts and sometimes move en masse. Your competitors seem to be preying on them and are swiping them outrightly from under your nose.

How then can Salesforce help you retain the customers?

Use integrations to solidify your data 

The marketing and sales teams are no longer working in data silos and are no longer grappling for every opportunity. The customer service software have taken the center stage, and this is through integrations with customer service and support apps, helping streamline the customer communication touchpoints. Once you record an interaction with a customer and record using your customer service software, the same can be recorded in your CRM.

For instance, you can integrate the Hubspot marketing software and Zendesk using Salesforce, giving you a transparent data funnel. Your teams, customer service, marketing, and sales have a 360 degrees view of the customer.

A transparent system like Salesforce brings about more benefits for all the teams, which translates to customer retention.

Customer data

As you relate with your customers, you must have gathered some rich data from them. Suppose you’ve integrated all the data into Salesforce. In that case, you now have control of the customer relationship, and this data will help you personalize your emails so that they resonate with your clients. That is because customers want to be treated as unique, and writing specialized emails resonates with their needs. The data you collect using Salesforce will help you send personalized emails that address specific problems – you can create beautiful templates. On the Salesforce free plan, you can email over 2000 subscribers.

Use social media to get to your customers.

Research has found that most businesses lose touch when they stop communicating with their customers on social media. Customers ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, and all other platforms, and these expect immediate responses. Through the Salesforce dashboard, you can view the customer social profiles. This helps in adding a personal touch when conversing with your contacts. Before you engage your customers, you can go through their social media profiles to see their interests before getting into a conversation with them. With that kind of interaction, you can be sure of retaining your customers.

Integrate the software with the customer service platform

Now you know that the most effective way to retain customers is through customer service. However, from statistics, most businesses fail terribly on this one. The Salesforce CRM will help in retaining customers through extending the pipeline. That happens by inserting new steps that pay specific attention to helping the customer after sale.

The way you treat your customer from the time you meet them until they make the purchase and after will determine whether they will stay with you or seek help from your competitor. 

A reliable Salesforce partner like allows you to integrate every touchpoint so that everyone involved can view the transactions and you can get customer feedback and respond promptly.

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