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How to host a flawless family gathering

Family gatherings have been sorely missed during the pandemic and unfortunately many of us haven’t seen our extended family in quite some time. Now that government guidelines allow large family gathering within homes, we can organise to see loved ones and host a family reunion. Before inviting anyone over, make sure to buy healgen antigen test kit and take tests before and after your guests arrive to keep everyone safe.


Choose a date


The first order of business should be to find a date that suits your guests, as this is a difficult task. It’s assumed that some people may not be able to come, but try and choose a date where the majority of your family can make an appearance. To maximise the number of guests, try scheduling during a school holiday period, and remember that consulting the family is key before making any big decisions.


Send special invitations


We all love a pretty invitation in the post, so make sure to send them to all your guests after a date has been established. There are plenty of invite templates available online. Alternatively, make a social media event group to keep your guests regularly updated on any changes or special requests. You might want to encourage your guests to buy healgen antigen test kit and take a test before attending to keep everyone safe.


Plan a menu


Preparing well in advance is important when hosting a large family gathering, so planning a menu that is well suited to your family members is essential. Make sure to consider any allergy requirements when organising your menu and choose simple yet effective recipes to give yourself less cooking to do on the day. You might want to run your menu by your guests before buying ingredients.


Organise fun activities


A party is all about the entertainment, therefore planning some games that will suit everyone is key. Family gatherings should include fun trivia quizzes, sports games or scavenger hunts. Offer an array of activities to make sure all of your guests feel included.


Make a photo slideshow


We’ve missed a lot over the last two years and there will be a lot of stories to tell. Photos offer a great visual and can really help to move a great story along, so encourage family members to submit some photos that they wish to share with the rest of the group. This will help to inspire your loved ones to update the family on their lives and can offer some great entertainment through story telling.


Make a playlist


A lot of bonding can be had over music, so make sure to create a playlist that caters to everyone’s tastes. It also helps to set the atmosphere and put people in a party mood – if you haven’t already, make sure to invest in some powerful speakers.


Account for kids


If children are going to be present at the family gathering then you need to account for them – set up fun activities suitable for kids, create a special menu and give them their own seating area. Towards the end of the evening, it might be good to set up a film room or napping area.


Give out gift bags


The perfect way to end the evening is to hand out personalised gift bags as a small thank you present. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Fill your goodie bags with nice photos, favourite chocolates or small toys for the kids.

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