How to find out if the tree is dying?

If you have a love for trees and gardening, then it is likely that you already know when something is wrong with your trees. Symptoms such as molds and or unusually darker leaves can be indicative of some disease. However, if you are not too experienced or professional, the chances are that you do not know how severe the damage is. 

Sometimes you can call for some experienced people to take a look, but it is always recommendable to know some basic signs and symptoms that indicate if the tree is dying. This is because, in some cases, you have minimal options, and tree removal in GTA,ON  becomes the only feasible solution to protect the landscape. You can avail of several service providers in GTA, ON who can do your work correctly. 

How do I understand if I need tree removal services?

You will only require tree removal in services when your tree is dead. In the tree removal city of Toronto, ON, you can find many service providers for the task. 

However, how do you know if the tree is already dead? Generally, there is an accumulation of different visible signs. The branches could be leafing out, you might notice some unfamiliar growth near the roots, and the trunk could appear sickly.

It is further advised that you might also want to know if there is any way of recovering it before deciding to remove it. In that case, let us move forward to what happens when a tree is dying.

Symptoms that the tree is dying

If you suspect that the tree is dying, there are a few tests you can perform yourself. It will help you understand better if there is something wrong with the tree. 

  • Taking a pocket knife, you can scratch some of the twigs. Beneath the coarse and darkening trunk, if you find it moist and green when you scratch it, that means the tree is still alive.
  • You can also check for fungi or mold growth near the base.
  • If the trunk appears peeling off or cracking in several places, then it is time for a check-up!
  • If you find hanging and drooping branches without leaves for an extended period, that should concern you a little.
  • All these symptoms, if they appear together, then your tree might be in danger. It is recommendable to let an expert come over and check it out.

It could be heartbreaking to see your tree dying. Whether it is fungal growth or some other disease, there is always a chance that the infection can spread over to the other trees and shrubs, making the landscape sick and barren. For avoiding such situations, it is advisable to contact experts who can provide a concrete treatment plan. Whether it is manure adding or removing some diseased parts, you can still try your best to save the tree.

However, there are situations when no matter how much effort you give, you cannot save it. Perhaps the damage went unnoticed for too long, or maybe the tree hollowed out from within. In such terrible cases, you have no option except to remove it altogether. Keeping it still standing would make no sense, as it can cause further damage with its rotting branches. However, if you still find any shoot that seems healthy, you can always transplant it elsewhere!

Looking after trees is not as easy as one might think. Hence, before you take up gardening even as a hobby, please make sure you learn specific techniques to maintain healthy and growing trees from experts! 

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