How to choose your Effective moving company?

Our selection criteria to help you for the right moving company

Although it is frequently used, word of mouth is not enough to choose your business. One move is not the other, neither are the needs, and it is better to choose the moving company for yourself by taking your information.

Looking for movers near me? Our site offers companies renowned for the quality of their services, classified by region. Visit their sites for details of their services and do not hesitate to request several quotes, always given free of charge.

What criteria should you be aware of?

Start by determining your needs and the volume to transport. Will you be alone on moving day or will you have help from more than one person? In the first case, a team of several men will be necessary. Do you have furniture to take apart and are you able to do it on your own? Do all of your belongings go through the door, the stairs and the elevator? If not, you will need to ask the company if they provide a lift service to get your furniture through the window safely.

We also advise you to use a company located in your region: this will facilitate the various contacts, the home visit and the delivery of the quote. This is why our site lists the different providers by province in order to facilitate your search.

When to contact companies?

We advise you to ask for at least 3 different quotes before you decide. Do not choose the company a week before the date of the move: the best providers have busy schedules and may not be available in an emergency. A period of one month (two in summer and at the end of the year, the busiest periods) is much more prudent in order to have time to compare quotes and meet the various providers. In fact, they will come to your home to determine the volume to be moved, the number of men needed, the working time, the equipment to be used (such as an elevator), etc. It is on the basis of this information that they will be able to give you a detailed and personalized estimate, without surprises.

What should a moving quote contain?

If the estimate is not sufficiently detailed and contains errors, beware: you risk a bad surprise when you receive the invoice. A professional company will mention the following information: day and time of the move, shipping and destination addresses, distance in km, number of people present with the hourly rate, size of the vehicle, estimate of the total duration, details of the services. For example, if some of your furniture has to be dismantled by the movers, this must be mentioned in the estimate with the price. The insurance that covers damage caused during the move must already be included in the total price.


Whichever company you choose, find out about their credentials , number of years of experience, and any specializations , such as whether you need to move artwork, a piano, or heavy objects.

If the company is an Approved Member of the Belgian Chamber of Movers , this means that it has undertaken to respect a quality charter established according to several criteria which you can consult here . This certification gives you numerous guarantees on the quality of the service offered and we can only advise you to take this into account in your final choice.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that you now have all the cards in hand to choose the company that will meet your needs on moving day. Choose your province in the left menu and request a free quote from the companies listed on this site. A quick response is assured.

Before leaving

Have you chosen the provider who will help you make your move? Are you ready to start your boxes? Remember that certain conditions must absolutely be fulfilled before your departure. So, if it is not yet in order, consider meeting a heating engineer in Namur, Brussels or even Liège for the maintenance of your boiler.

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