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How to Tell If The Diamond Is Real or Fake

One of the most popular pieces of jewelry for women is a diamond. Why is the diamond? Because it is pricey, looks beautiful, and the shape is very beautiful. It is famous for its sparkling appearance that can represent luxury.

how to check real diamond

For women who like jewelry, this one thing is very valuable to them. It’s no wonder that many women are willing to pay and spend a lot of money to get the diamonds they want. However, it is this opportunity that makes the con artists act. They sell diamonds that are not genuine or fake to women.

Unfortunately, not a few women have become victims. Generally, many of them still don’t know the authenticity of diamonds. They even can’t tell which diamonds are real and not. In this article, I am about to help you how to check real diamonds; differentiate the authenticity of diamonds through these several ways.

7 Ways How to Check Real Diamond

1. Do a Dew Test on a Diamond

The first way on how to check real diamond products that you can apply is to do a dew test. This dew test is fairly easy to do. You can do it anywhere. First, place the diamond in your mouth, then slowly exhale from your mouth to the diamond, just like when making dew in the bathroom. Then you have to observe the diamond.

If the dew that has been created on the diamond disappears for just a few seconds, it must be the fake one. Because in real diamonds, it will immediately disappear as soon as it is blown. This is because real diamonds are heat resistant and heat conductive. To make it easier to do, put two diamonds at the same time in front of your mouth, blowing simultaneously on both of them. Then wait a moment. And pay attention to which one the dew disappears more quickly or which ones take a while to disappear. From this attempt, you can sort out which diamonds are real and which one is fake.

Apart from the method above, namely by exhaling, there are also other ways you can practice. Try heating the diamonds on the stove or using a lighter for 30 seconds. Real diamonds don’t show any changes, while fakes can show damage, such as cracks on the inside. Both methods are very easy to do yourself without asking for help from others.

2. Using the Diamond Loupe

The next way to check how real a diamond is through a special jewelry loupe. By using this loupe, you can check in detail the parts of the diamond. You can borrow a loupe glass from the shop where you bought the diamonds.

Generally, people don’t have this tool at home because the diamond loupe is a tool used to see diamonds with ten-time magnification. In this case, you can purchase it online. Buying a diamond loupe will save you a lot of money instead of buying the fake one. These ten choices of jewelry loupe can help you narrow down your choice. Using this tool, try to observe the edges of the diamond. Usually, a real diamond has sharp edges. Meanwhile, fake diamonds have rounded edges.

By using a diamond loupe, these are some of the things you need to pay attention in more detail.

  • Cubic zirconia is a diamond formed from a laboratory process. Because of this, sometimes the shape can be perfect, and there are no defects at all. Diamonds that are not genuine will usually look so perfect because they are made in a sterile space and do not form naturally on the earth.
  • You also have to test the authenticity of the diamonds in other ways because defects or perfection in a diamond is not a benchmark for measuring its authenticity.
  • Diamonds that are made in a laboratory will usually look better when viewed physically, optically, or chemically. This is a feature that is striking enough to prove the authenticity of these diamonds.

3. Pay Attention to the Sparkle or Shadow

The third step is to notice how the sparkles and shadows are reflected off the diamond. This method is quite easy to do. In real diamonds, the shadows have white or gray reflections. This shows that the diamond you are holding is a real diamond. So make sure you look at the gray color when observing the reflection of the shadows.

Whereas in fake diamonds, the light reflection will be rainbow-colored or have many colors. This means that the diamond is very low quality, even fake. Hirsch explains diamonds appear sparkling because of their unique way of refracting and bending light that passes through them. Sometimes, however, glass, quartz, or other types of fake diamonds such as cubic zirconia can mimic the “sparkle” of diamonds, but with a lower refractive index.

4. Pay Attention to the Diamonds

Fourth, to find out the authenticity of a diamond, namely by checking its limitations. Real diamonds tend to bend or refract light through them. This bending is where you must be able to know the nature of his refraction carefully.

You can do two easy ways to ensure the authenticity of a diamond by checking its refraction properties, considering the following two ways:

Use Newspaper

Place the diamonds in the newspaper. If the words are legible, even slightly, it is a fake diamond. Real diamond bends light so that you can’t see the words, nor the shadows that make up the words.

There are exceptions if the diamond cut is disproportionate. There is a chance that the printed text can be read even if faint.

Use white paper

Draw dots using a black pen on white paper. Then place the diamond just above the black dot. Look inside the diamond. If it is original, the point reflection will not be visible.

5. Pay Attention To The Stamp On The Diamond

This one method is indeed quite unique when you think about it. But it is very effective. You need to look for the installation of the diamond stamp. For the installation of real diamonds, usually use or show the numbers 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, and so on. Meanwhile, the stamp for C, Z. you have to be extra careful. Why is that? Because C and Z itself are an acronym that stands for Cubic Zirconia. As discussed in the above point, Cubic Zirconia is a diamond made from a type of synthetic diamond, which is not real diamonds.

6. Check with A Water

The next way is to check the authenticity of the diamond with the help of water. This method is quite easy. You only need to prepare a glass filled with water. Fill it slightly full. Then plunge the diamonds into the water in the glass. Wait for a moment. Then look at the diamond, see if it sinks to the bottom of the glass or floats on top.

If the diamond is real, it will sink to the bottom. This is due to its high density. Conversely, a fake diamond will either float on the surface or float in the middle of the glass.

7. Using Heating and Cooling Techniques Using Fire and Cold Water

The last way on how to check real diamond is a little tricky to do. However, it can also help you find out if yours is real or not. As for the things you need to prepare to do this test are: prepare a lighter and a glass of cold water. The lighters that are used need not be very good. You can use the lighters if you want. Also, prepare tweezers to hold the heated diamonds, so they don’t injure your hands.

First, heat the diamond stones. Hold the diamond using tweezers, turn on the fire. Then burn the diamond for 30 seconds. Count using a timer. After running out of 30 seconds, put it in a glass of cold water that has been prepared. The rapid expansion and contraction will overwhelm weaker materials such as glass or quartz, causing the rock to crack from within the body. Real diamonds are strong enough that nothing happens, or they won’t just break and split open.


There are seven ways you can check the authenticity of the diamonds you buy. We repeatedly suggest that you have to be very careful when buying a diamond. It’s recommended to buy your own jewelry loupe. Many fake diamonds are scattered in many markets and shops. Many people also have become victims of these scams. By reading this article, hopefully, you can check the diamond real or not.


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