How Airtel Pay app is secure for online payments?

We live in the age of the internet. With every aspect of our life, we consciously or semi-consciously end up using the internet to ease things along and make them as effortless as possible. One of the parts of our life that most of us use very frequently is making payments for the various products and services that we consume every day. UPI has come up as one of the easiest online payment facilities that have reduced the use of debit cards to a large extent. The UPI payment app is the next step of the mobile wallet apps and has several benefits over the earlier generation payment platforms. Some of the biggest benefits of using the UPI payment app are as follows:

  • Fast: The UPI payments go through much faster than many other payments and the process of scanning the QR code also means that you do not have to wait for the debit card machine to be free.
  • Easy: The UPI payment apps are very easy to use and you do not need to fill in too many details or lengthy passwords. All that you need is your six-digit UPI pin.
  • Efficient: Since most UPI payments are made using QR codes, it makes the payments process also precise with minimum possibility of your money mistakenly ending up in the wrong receiver’s account.

Despite the several amazing benefits of the UPI apps, just like any other technology, UPI is also susceptible to attacks. These attacks can come in form of phishing which is one of the most common ways that the UPI user can be duped into making payments to a third party or their account being compromised. There have been many instances where the criminal elements have gotten access to the customer’s account by guessing or finding out the customer’s UPI pin. This can create a big problem for UPI customers who may find their hard-earned money being stolen through their UPI apps.

Airtel which is one of the top telecom companies in India also has got one of the first digital payments bank authorized by RBI called Airtel Payments Bank. The UPI feature of the Airtel Payments Bank is not only one of the easiest and friendliest to use but also has some of the top security features to combat the frauds that are carried out on UPI apps. For this, the Airtel Payments Bank offers a unique safety feature by the name of Safe Pay. The Airtel Safe Pay provides the customers an additional alert in real-time when the UPI or Netbanking transaction is taking place. Before the debit of the customer’s account, the Airtel Safe pay sends the alert to the customer’s Airtel number which they need to authorize for the payment to go through. The alert contains the receiver’s name as well as the amount that is being debited. An additional benefit comes in the form that the salary or the saving bank account of the customer never gets accessed by the unwanted elements as all money is first transferred to the Airtel Payments Bank and then from there, it is sent to the receiver’s account limiting the risk of undue exposure. Customers can apply for their Airtel Payments Bank account through their Airtel Thanks App.

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