Home theatre system maintenance

Home theatre systems have several parts that need proper maintenance

Home theatre systems have several parts that need proper maintenance. Parts like projectors, woofers, players, receivers and speakers need more than just cleaning and wiping. If you want your home theatre system to walk effectively for as long as possible, you should make sure that they have the proper maintenance that they need. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your home theatre system.

  • Correct instalment

When you install your home theatre system, you should make sure that you shouldn’t place it by the window. Placing it by the window will give it direct exposure to sunlight, dust and dirt coming from outside. Even if you keep the windows shut, it will still not solve the problem. You need to let fresh air in the room to remove bad orders. The dust from the outside can enter any device which may cause various problems.

  • Correct cleansing

Home theatre systems are quite sensitive and need to be properly cleaned so that no part is damaged by the use of inappropriate cleaning products. You can use a wet cloth for some TV sets; however others cannot be exposed to moisture. Before you start the cleaning process you should read the user manual to learn how you can safely clean the system. Most of the devices can be wiped with a dry or wet cloth. An effective cleaning technique that can be applied to parts like the external castings is using rubbing alcohol. Keep in mind that the use of any inappropriate cleaning methods can cause irreversible damages to the system.

  • Wire mesh

Many people advise that you plug the devices into multiple circuit boards instead of connecting all of them to one power source. You should use colour tapes to make sure you match the wires with the correct input sockets.

  • Unplugging

Plugs need ventilation from time to time. To provide ventilation, you should make sure to unplug the system once a month. You should uninstall each device and let it rest for a while. Also, if you are not using the system or any of the components for a longer period, make sure to turn it off. Do not switch the power using the remote control; you need to unplug the system from the main power source. Removing them from the main power source, will prevent excess power consumption and will also save the parts from overheating.

  • Speakers

You should place the speakers correctly according to the instructions in the manual. Keep in mind that the speaker which has an “R” needs to be installed on the right wall. Similarly, the speaker that has an “L” should be placed on the left wall. To achieve the desired sound output, make sure that both of the speakers are placed at equal distances from the central speaker. Speakers have an internal magnet. Thus, it is always recommended that you place your home theatre device on wooden surfaces; it is because magnetic platforms can seriously damage some of the components of the system such as the magnet of the speakers.

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