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Havells 10 Litre Storage Water Geyser Price

Geysers are not expensive appliances, and that comes as a blessing in the winter months when investing in a good quality geyser becomes a necessity. The part about buying a geyser is that you can then use the hot water for all purposes like cleaning utensils and doing dishes in the kitchen. If you want to save money, you should go for a storage water geyser rather than buying separate instant water heaters. Instant water heaters are great to have if you lack space, but for a more comprehensive use, you must buy a Havells geyser. The prices of these geysers are quite affordable, and you should sort your products by specification rather than by price. If you are worried about electricity consumption, rest assured that the Havells water heaters come with a 5-star energy rating for optimal use of electricity. Shop for your Havells water heater at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and make the best savings on your purchase.

Types of Water Heaters from Havells

Havells gives you access to a wide range of geysers that cater to all your water heating needs. The best way to choose the best geyser is to read the specifications on the product page and select the one that reflects your requirements. Let us look at a few Havells water heaters along with their operating mechanism so that you have a good idea of your budget.

  •         Havells Instanio: These geysers are available in the 6L-10L range so you have a good range to choose from according to your bathing pattern and budget. The price of these geysers does not usually cross Rs. 13,000, making them instant favourites with people looking for budget geysers. The 8-bar pressure mechanism of the Havells water heater ensures that you can easily use them in multi-storeyed buildings without any performance decline due to low water pressure. The ‘Whirl Flow’ technology employed in these water heaters ensure that there is no direct contact between hot and cold water, so the electricity required to heat the water can be reduced by 20%. 
  •         Havells Adonia R: This model is the 10-litre variant of the storage water geysers from Havells. Priced comfortably under Rs. 20,000, these water geysers come with LED temperature panels with activated feather-touch technology. Thus, it becomes easy for the user to change and control the temperature of the geyser at will. Additionally, the Feroglas technology employed by the geyser treats hard water so that you can use the water conveniently for doing the dishes. The geyser comes with a 7-year warranty which makes sure that any manufacturing defect is taken care of at no extra cost. 
  •         Havells Flagro LPG: These water heaters from Havells are available at an affordable price and do not require electricity to run! Priced at under Rs. 10,000, these water heaters come with a dual electromagnetic valve that gives you protection from dry burning. Furthermore, a child-lock safety feature in this geyser helps you child-proof your home comprehensively. If you are worried that the heater might overheat and cause accidents, you can rest assured. The appliance comes with an overheat protection technology that cuts off the gas supply when the temperature reaches the maximum level. The appliance comes with a 2-year warranty so that you do not have to shell out extra bucks in case of any manufacturing glitch. 
  •         Havells Troica: This Havells water heater comes with a multi-functional pressure regulator that helps you check pressure build-up on the appliance. Additionally, the anode rod tube has a stainless steel core so that the corrosion is minimal. Thus, these appliances last long and serve you with a consistently amazing performance. The PUF insulation in the water geyser makes sure that there is no heat loss, something which is single-handedly responsible for greater electricity consumption. The Havells Troica model is priced at just over Rs. 10,000, so you can easily choose this geyser if you are looking for a cost-effective option. 
  •         Havells Monza Digi: These Havells water heaters are available in 10-25L capacities, so you have a good range of options to choose from. If you go for the 10-litre water heater, you can get it at a good Havells geyser (10 ltr) price that does not exceed Rs. 14,000. The shock-safe plugs used in these heaters, along with the qualities mentioned already, make the appliance safe, reliable and consistent. A 7-year warranty speaks volumes of the trust that the manufacturer has in these products.

Get your 10 litre geyser from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to stay within your budget with great deals and offers. Visit the EMI Store and sort the products by their specifications and price to create your shortlist. Do not forget to use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card as your payment method so you can avail of No Cost EMI on your purchase. Start shopping at the EMI Store today and prepare yourself for the cold winter season.

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