Gwadar green palms

The Green Palms is Gwadar’s most important housing project, which the GDA has also authorised. This home project is the greatest in the league for your investment, from the excellent location to the safe and comfortable future. Rafi Group is the label behind this incredible production. Rafi Group’s competence is obvious, having been in the company since 1978.

The green palms way of life project gwadar housing:

The company behind the Green Palms housing project wants to provide its residents with a life full of amenities and luxury. Green Palms aims to provide its residents with a superior level of life in Pakistan’s most prominent and futuristic location. Residents will have a joyful and opulent existence here, with a variety of plot sizes for sale and a whole set of facilities.

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Location of green palms gwadar:

Green Palms Gwadar Housing Project is conveniently placed near the major Makran Coastal Highway (1.25KM front) and Kahaan Avenue (1KM front), making it very easy to locate. The Green Palms Housing Project’s great location allows it to be only a few minutes from both the beach and the downtown business world. Its renowned position is referred to be the city’s heart.

Cpec’s jewel in the crown:

If Gwadar is constructed and functioning, it will become a hub for major economic activities ranging from logistics to tourism, including hospitality and entertainment. This is the main reason why Gwadar has become synonymous with Pakistani investment, since businesspeople perceive high expectations that cannot be met elsewhere. Get the idea from Silver City Islamabad.

Project with a budget of $62 billion:

CPEC intends to boost Pakistan’s economy by upgrading road, rail, aviation, and energy-transport infrastructure, as well as connecting Pakistan’s deep ports of Gwadar with China’s Xinjiang province and beyond via land routes.

Seaport of gwadar:

Gwadar’s port is the world’s largest and deepest, and it is located in a mild climate. It would increase Pakistan’s economic production by 60% from where it is now due to its commercial relevance and trade worth. Water surrounds it on all sides.

Gwadar international airport:

When it opens in 2022, it will be Pakistan’s largest airport and the country’s second capable of housing A380 aircraft, with a land area of 4,300 acres. It would encourage commerce between Pakistan and China while also assisting Gwadar’s growth.

Plan for prices:

Gwadar has attracted investors from all around Pakistan because to its low property rates. The good news is that the Green Palms Gwadar payment plan is appropriate for a variety of purchasers. The 3-year payment plan is available for both residential and commercial plots, making it a cost-effective and dependable option. If you pay in full rather than opting for a three-year payment plan, Green Palms management will give you a 10% discount on the total price.

Igi insurance & green palms:

The developers of the Green Palms Housing Project, Rafi Group, have reached a deal with IGI Life Insurance to provide life insurance to their consumers. Rafi Group, the real estate industry’s trend setters, has once again reached a major milestone by assisting its customers with investments that include life insurance.

 IGI Life Insurance insures and covers each plot in the Green Palms Housing Project – Overseas District. In the history of Pakistan, no land developer has ever attempted such an endeavour.

The project includes all of the necessary amenities, including:

  • Mosque of the Community Club
  • Postal Services in Lush Green Parks
  • Bounded and protected neighbourhood with security professionals on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Electricity, pure clean water, and a functional sewerage system must be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Educational institutions must also be available.
  • Green Palms’ environment will be kept clean, healthy, and pollution-free via underground energy, sewage disposal, and fresh water supply systems, as well as excellent infrastructure and a contemporary telecommunication network.

The importance of the Gwadar Green Palms Housing Project is enormous, since Gwadar is destined to be fully considered in terms of its comforts, easy access, and considerable contemporary and economic presence. It is a region inside a country’s borders that is on the crossroads of global economies’ trading paths.

The Green Palms Housing Project, which is located on the Makran Coastal Highway, offers its residents a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Cutting-edge Research and Development
  2. GDA Key Location that is Regulated
  3. Pricing Strategy That Is Serious
  4. Work on Development That Is More Effective
  5. Amenities of the highest calibre

With CPEC, Gwadar rises:

Gwadar is at the heart of the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China’s Belt and Road Initiative’s main project. The Gwadar Master Plan was drawn out by China Communications Construction Company in collaboration with Pakistan’s Minister of Planning, Development & Reform and the Gwadar Development Authority. It’s a detailed plan for Gwadar to become South Asia’s economic powerhouse, with a GDP per capita of $15,000, more than ten times Pakistan’s average.


Gwadar is the focal point of the CPEC project, since it serves as a connection between China’s grandiose One Belt, One Road initiative and its 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative. Around the port of Gwadar, more than $1 billion worth of infrastructure will be constructed.


Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundation for the second phase of the Gwadar Free Zone (GFZ) as well as a number of other economic and infrastructure projects, including an exhibition centre, an agro industrial park, and three factories. The newly opened north free zone is 35 times larger than Gwadar’s phase 1 industrial zone. This demonstrates Chinese and other investors’ interest in the Gwadar free zone.

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