Germany University Admission Application Service In Nigeria

Application for admission to universities that offer tuition-free education in Germany. Do you wish to pursue a degree at universities in Germany with no tuition fees? Have you found a certain institution in Germany but found the procedure for applying to admission via the school’s admissions office or Uni-Assist is a challenge?

Are you keen to benefit from the educational opportunities for free within Germany in the coming year? In addition, do you require assistance in choosing the best colleges, courses, and schools and then applying for admission to the German University?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions get in touch with NGScholars Educational Services. At we assist Nigerian student (undergraduate as well as postgraduate) get admission to universities that offer tuition-free education in Germany.

What We Do:

We request your academic qualifications and the program you would prefer to pursue in Germany. After we receive scanned copies of your academic credentials, we decide whether you stand a high chance of being accepted into the course you’d like to take. If not, we will advise you to consider different courses to take advantage of.

Our Germany university admissions service professionals then submit applications on behalf of you. If we require any information in the process of applying we will get in touch with you for them.

We have assisted a large number of Nigerians be admitted to universities that offer the opportunity to study for free in Germany. So, it is important to be at ease. It may be interesting to know that we’ve also obtained tuition waivers from universities in exchange for fees for some customers. Therefore, we’re very proficient in doing what we do.

It does not matter if it’s undergrad (B.A., B.Sc. and so on.) or Postgraduate (Masters & Ph.D).

The benefits of NGScholars Germany University Admission Service can do for you:

  1. We will assist you in analyzing your academic credentials in relation to the course you have chosen.
  2. Provide advice and assist in identifying the courses you can consider applying for
  3. Assist in authenticating your credentials and other documents to be used in application
  4. Manage all fees that could be incurred during the process, if relevant (e.g notarization, Uniform-Assist fees and courier fees, etc.)
  5. Help you apply to the schools you’ve selected in Germany
  6. Assist in choosing hostel accommodation after gaining admission in Germany
  7. Give advice on how to prepare for an interview in the German Embassy
  8. Provide suggestions for the most economical methods for a trip from Nigeria to Germany from Nigeria
  9. Access scholarships for students studying in Germany

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