Gaming Laptops and Good Specs? Lets have a Look

Choosing a gaming laptop can be a hassle. With so much innovation, latest upgrades, and enhanced gaming laptops, one can hardly make a choice that they’re contented with. Even if you are contented with your choice, you’ll probably get into the complex when you’ll see your friend running the same game with better results.
But the real question that remains is what are the specs that make a good gaming laptop? Here are some items that you must consider before buying a gaming machine:
• A good CPU is what most gaming machines are dependent on. It’s hard to upgrade your laptop so it’s better to research neatly regarding what you’re getting
• Decide between picture resolution and speed. Getting a 4K screen with lower refresh rate will probably ruin the entire experience
• Choose the keyboard that fits perfectly for your hand.
• GPU is probably the most important when you need visual accuracy
• Most gaming laptops don’t come with extended battery timing due to the immense need for power. However, you just have to decide on the features that can go well with it.
Right, now that you’ve got the idea of what you should look for, let’s dive into the details for a clearer picture:

What Kind Of GPU Do You Need in Gaming Laptops?

You can get the answer by answering the type of gaming need you have. Right now, the Nvidia series, RTX20 Super Cards (2070 Super, 2080 Super) are storming the market. Radeon RX 5500M comes for budget systems, which can also be considered.
If you’re an entry-level gamer, then choosing GTX 1650 or RX 5500M is a solid option. Overall, you can get a gaming laptop with this kind of GPU at £700-£900 easily. It can amp up if you focus on getting more performance.
Next, if you’re interested in mainstream gaming (mid-range gaming), you can go for the RTX 2060. The RX 5600M can also be considered as it will get the job done. Overall, this kind of system will cost around £1000 to £1500.
If you’re someone that wants an immersive VR experience, then RTX 2070 Super is surely the choice. The RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti are the most powerful cards that provide exceptional VR experience without any issue. You can also enjoy ray tracing, and stream your games in 4K without any hassle. Choosing this kind of a laptop can cost you around £2,700, depending upon other specs and perks.

CPU of Gaming Laptop

With all the power needed for running your GPU, your CPU must be high tiered too. One thing to note here is that CPUs aren’t upgradable, and you would need to make a competitive choice. Even if you’re an entry-level gamer, choosing i-5 or i-7 with 8th Gen or above is a great choice. Consider saving if you want to benefit from additional Max Turbo processors.

Gaming Machine RAM

One thing to remember for RAM is that the greater it is, the better. Moreover, opting for SSDs is an even better option. You should get at least 8GB RAM with 256 or above SSD. Gaming laptops with GTX 1650 or above come with 8GB RAM. Memory is mostly upgradable, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, you can save your budget and get already upgraded RAM support. If you want to decrease boot and loading times, then getting a 7200RPM HDD is a good option in case you don’t want additional SSD.


A 15” gaming laptop with a full HD display (1920×1080) is the perfect combination. Most gaming laptops currently trending in the market are available in this ratio. In addition, they are even lightweight due to bezel designed chassis. Opting for 4K or touchscreens is something fancy as you would only use it for work apart from gaming.
However, if you’re getting full HD display, make sure to get with the highest refresh rate (144Hz). A higher refresh rate will need high-tech GPU, which would cost you even more. Touchscreen laptops are battery killers and indeed sensitive. If your gaming laptop comes with additional features such as Nvidia G-sync, then do go for it for automated adjustment for the best results.


Consider key travel (the distance of how far a key can be pressed) while opting for keyboards. In addition, consider additional perks such as actuation (force needed to press), anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, etc. The anti-ghosting allows multiple keys to perform actions even when pressed together. The n-key rollover allows independent actions for every key. These play an important part in intensive gaming. Backlighting is optional but it creates a cool presence during gaming and gives you the “pro-gamer” feel.

The Bottom Line

Apart from poor battery timing (which most gaming laptops suffer from), you’ll need to invest in the aforementioned specs to get yourself the most suited gaming laptop. However, you must decide on the type of gaming you need to avoid over-spending. Check and compare specs, and you’ll get your gaming partner in no time!


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