Four Best Restaurants in Dubai, You Should Definitely Visit!

Dubai is famous for its sightseeing attractions. It has many cultural highlights. Cuisines from all over the world are one such highlight that makes Dubai a popular destination. With worldwide influences, Dubai’s rich food panorama is multicultural and diverse.

Dubai is known for gourmet specialists who have flawless accreditations. Restaurants with lounge areas with scenic views and excellent mouth-watering dishes that are so tempting will make you want more. Four major restaurants are known for their significant culinary force. ‘View Details’ and discover the four best restaurants in Dubai below:

1. Rockfish:

Rockfish is known for being a wealth of dining experience in Dubai. If you are craving the Mediterranean or delicious Seafood cuisines, Rockfish is the best restaurant that offers freshly prepared Crudo and the best seafood in Dubai. Rockfish is an eclectic restaurant located next to the sea. If you are looking for a restaurant to enjoy casual lunch at the beachfront, Rockfish is the place to visit. Its Mediterranean classics have subtle hints of Arabic flavors. Every dish has a twist of flavor. These flavors are soothing for sophisticated palates. The restaurant offers a view of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah’s lights and spectacular sunsets. 

2. Shimmers

Shimmers restaurant is in one of the best locations in Dubai. It is right on Madinat Jumeirah’s private beach with spectacular views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The restaurant is well known for offering its guests and residents authentic Greek food.

At Shimmers, you can enjoy Mediterranean delicacies and award-winning drinks with a scenic beachside hotspot. The ambiance of the restaurant is casual and chic. It has whitewashed woods, turquoise interiors, and relaxed seating on the sand. The restaurant has a unique concept that provides an atmosphere to escape from the worries of the world.

3. Afghan Khorasan Kabab House

Dubai boasts of some of the finest Afghani restaurants. Amongst the many restaurants in Dubai, The Afghan Khorasan Kabab House is an Afghani restaurant in Dubai that you surely should not miss to relish and enjoy your dining experience. The restaurant is known for its juicy kebab dishes and quality service. There is an indoor dining option in the Afghan majlis that gives an authentic experience. Choose from rich stews, tender kebabs, and generous portions of rice. The Afghani cuisine at this restaurant is affordable and light on the pocket, making it one of Dubai’s best restaurants. 

4. Zheng He’s

Zhen He’s is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant celebrates Chinese cuisine to a whole new level of culinary experience. The restaurant has a modern flair. Its ambiance is beautiful and soothing. It is known as a stunning waterside restaurant that blends Western tastes and Far Eastern ambiance. Zheng He’s has long been one of the city’s most popular and favorite Chinese restaurants. The restaurant boasts an oriental menu which is made from carefully sourced ingredients.

Demystify yourself in the amazing dishes from all over the world with the above guide that talks about the four best restaurants in Dubai and what they have to offer you.

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