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Essential Tips to Try Out a Pair of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are appealing. You might tend to think that you can walk into a store and pick up a pair quickly, and that is all. But, it is not so as there are many things to consider before you land up on the perfect pair of boots.

Before you purchase a pair of cowboy boots, ensure that they will be right for you and play a long inning to give you the value of your money.

Trying out the pair of prospective boots is the right way of selecting a perfect pair of boots that enables you to feel the boots.

Although there is no exact formula for trying out a pair of cowboy boots, you can consider the following factors:


Many people do not put on socks while trying out a pair of cowboy boots. It is a mistake, so avoid it. While trying out a pair of cowboy boots, it is advisable to put your socks on to enable you to figure out the correct boot size to keep your feet comfortable.

Standing Up

Although you might find it easy to try out a pair of cowboy boots while sitting, you should avoid it. Instead, try out the boots while standing. It will enable you to feel how the boots will feel while you walk around.

Find the Ball of the Foot

You might need a bit of assistance to find the ball of the foot. The best way is to stand with normal weight distribution on each foot. It will help to determine the proper fit. Find out the widest part of your foot, which is the ball of the foot.

While putting on the boot, ensure that your foot’s ball is at the broadest part of the boot. If your ball fits well, your foot will not feel any stress. If your ball does not fit well, try out a different boot that matches your ball size.

Toe Room

Assess if there is enough toe room in the pair of cowboy boots you want to purchase. The sizes of the toes of different people are different. Some people have a bit longer than others.

Choose a boot that gives you at least a thumbs width between your toes and the end of the boot. It will be an ideal toe room for your foot.

Most manufacturers nowadays put a toe-cap, which provides extra reinforcement in the toe area. If the reinforcement is stiff and puts you in discomfort, you should go for a larger-sized boot pair.


The boot’s width is essential for you to consider while trying out the boot. Look straight at your foot with the boots on while standing. You should see the stitching on the boot’s outsole on both sides. You go for a pair of wider cowboy boots if you do not.

Keep in mind that if you select a pair of cowboy boots with incorrect width, the leather can become loose, and you will feel the boot sloppy.

Buying a pair of cowboy boots with the correct size is not easy. It will help if you refer to the infographic in this post to know how to purchase the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

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