Essay Writing Conventions Everyone Should Follow

According to the My Assignment Help Reviews, essay writing is one of the most dreaded tasks. However, they have to write numerous essays all throughout their academic careers. So, instead of avoiding the task, it is always better to find out ways to make the process much easier. When it comes to writing essays, some conventions that students have to follow are.

Using correct grammar

The main writing purpose is to make sure that the message of the writer gets conveyed to the readers. To make any write-up easy to read and understand, grammar plays a significant role.

Correct usage of words, punctuations, spelling, etc. contributes to the correct message that the writer wants to share. Thus, every essay writer should ensure that he/she has sufficient knowledge of grammar and uses the same. In this way, their message will be clearly conveyed and the quality of the essay will improve.

Writing in a formal tone

An essay should be written in a formal style. It should not be written in an interactive way that uses colloquial phrases or words. It is necessary to keep every piece of information very specific. Every specific example, data, facts, etc. should be used to write an exemplary essay.

Any personal opinion should be avoided and an objective viewpoint should be included. Even if an essay is written using the first person, it should not be informal in nature.

Making a claim

One needs to write a thesis statement by making a claim that shows the writer’s stand on the given topic. The claim should be logical and backed by relevant facts and data. Throughout the essay, a logical order should be maintained.  This means arranging the information in a way that makes the most sense.

Each section of the thesis statement needs to be established by providing supporting evidence and facts, paired with a strong explanation.

Referencing the sources

Another important convention for essay writing is to cite all the sources used in the text. It is necessary to avoid plagiarism in the text. An essay writer must create accurate citations by following the required referencing style.

One must have a clear understanding of the formats and guidelines of each style to create the right citations. Apart from the citations, referencing list, bibliography, footnotes or end notes should also be created.

These are some of the conventions of essay writing that all writers should follow. It will help them to develop great papers that follow all the requirements of a traditional essay.


Writing is very daunting task for many. But, anybody can write a great essay if they are aware of the conventions. The article presents all the conventions of essay writing that can help an individual in drafting stellar papers.  

Author’s Bio: Keira is a PhD degree holder in English literature, currently working at a publishing house. She writes regular reviews for My Assignment Help and other trusted review sites. Students who wish to know about assignment help reviews should read her reviews.

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