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Language translation is a significant process that enables users to write text in local idioms. As a core user of ms-word, now you can enjoy writing in several languages without any hitch. There are many applications that are available on the web to make typing in regional languages. These apps are proficient to convert text from English to any other idiom in a seamless time and method. Moreover, they are also capable of writing content for business and educational websites. So, let’s take a look at some actively used applications in the present time. 

ISM Malayalam

In order to create ms-word text in Malayalam, it is actively used software. C-DAC GIST has programmed this application with a smart and easy interface that converts written text from English to Malayalam. By using this software, you can create Malayalam characters correctly and also use it to learn the language with ease. ISM Malayalam is a rapid typing application and tutor that comes with dual typing options. It can write Malayalam characters with automated conversion. You can also use it to type text in Malayalam with a normal English keyboard or can enable a Malayalam keyboard. 

It is a complete freeware application to use for windows and virus-free technology to write text in Malayalam on computers.  


Another actively used software that supports a variety of languages such as Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Hindi, etc. You can use it flawlessly on a Windows based PC to convert text from English to the local lingo. It is a good application for both novice and expert users as it contains multiple options to select typing keyboards. It is available in free mode, trial mode, and registered mode with varying features and functionalities. You can choose one as per your needs. Using its free version is appropriate for personal and limited use, but if you want unrestricted use, you have to buy its registered version. 

Aasaan Typing Software

If you want to type text in Hindi using ms-word then it is the best choice. The demand for this application is rapidly increasing since it offers modern touch-typing technology. As a busy individual, if you do not have adequate time for typing training especially when it comes to Hindi typing, you can download this tool. It has a very simple interface that can help you to learn Hindi along with typing. As a beginner, you may use it at a low speed, but can become an expert in a short time with regular practice. It serves users with a dual keyboard, so you can choose English or Hindi keyboard to write. 

Google Input Tool

You can utilize the Google input tool to type text in the desired language. It has in-built properties that can automatically convert English text into the specific lingo selected. Moreover, it also facilitates users with automatic grammar corrections and editing in the words. You can use this tool without paying a single buck and can run it on your Windows 10 system for error-free typing in Indian languages. 

Amar Bangla

Want to get real-time text conversion from English to Bengali? If yes, then Amar Bangla is the best solution. A wide portion of the Indian population is actively using this application due to its correct format, simple interface, and automated conversion. The tool is also equipped with 39 standard Bangla fonts so you can get flawless typing speed while using it. There is no need to separately remember Bengali fonts because it will make auto-correction and suggestions while typing text. You can use this tool for writing ms-word text, making spreadsheets in Excel, and web presentations in Bengali. It is completely free to use for personal use. You can download Bangla Word for free from this blog.

Punjabi Typing Tool

For writing text in Punjabi, you can use Lipikaar software. It is a famous application that comes with automated conversion of English text into Punjabi. You have to simply type in English using the QWERTY keyboard and by pressing the space bar after each word, it will convert into Punjabi. It is the smooth typing software that does not require you to remember Gurumukhi or Raavi font. But, it is not available for free for a long time, so you should keep this thing in mind. 

To summarize, all the above-mentioned tools are top of the list of Indian language typing applications. They offer real-time conversion with full speed and flawless approach and are compatible with windows versions. So, you can make active use of these useful apps to serve your purpose.    

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