Dream Career in Information Technology

Since the beginning of information technology, all sectors have been benefited from it. It has brought a new Sector with it and its industries, which consist of many sub-departments Such as hardware, support, professional design, software and websites. 

The technology offered by the information technology sector is the latest. There is an evergreen demand for it. All the companies want an IT sector established within them for them. So, Professionals design, software, hardware, and support are the applications most looked after. Today there are billions of websites are available over Internet, you can check list of websites to find any website over Internet.

National Association of software & service companies also predicted that there would be a massive increment of 12% in the Indian software exports.

Top educational qualifications in the IT sector

Currently, the HR managers of companies are always looking for resumes with any of the necessary qualifications for a job in the IT sector, either bachelor’s in information technology or computer science. 

If we are to talk about other degrees such as B. Tech or BE, These are less recommendable because they differ from actual IT courses. The introductory course in the IT sector mainly focuses on the Business and communication area of computing. The BE or B. Tech courses may have more scientific education in them than the primary IT education.

BCA, bachelor in computer application, and BSC, Bachelor of Science in computer engineering, are also included in the list of degrees most accepted by the HR managers. 

In the IT sector for a better job you can also pursue masters in it, you can do Masters in any of the following course:- 

  • MTech 
  • MCA
  • M.Sc in computer
  • Masters in system management

If not masters, students can either do a diploma or a Ph.D. program. They can do it from a good Institute in any of the courses above.

The students looking for a job in the IT sector need to only focus on physics, chemistry, and mathematics, basically the science side, after the completion of their 10th boards. After completing their 12th board, the students need to give a national level or college level entrance exams to enter i the right IT course or college. 

The performance of the student in the entry-level exams is very crucial. These exams show the ability to decide their college, their next course, or it could entirely determine their future. 

In India, more than a hundred colleges are offering IT courses. But getting an IT diploma or graduate in any of the IT courses by a reputed institute or college can give you extra credentials while looking for a job. 

The most sought after colleges in IT are, (also keep in mind doing a bachelors here put your degree in a golden light):- 

  • Indian Institutes Of Technology 
  • National Institutes Of Technology
  • Birla Institute Of Technology And Science 
  • Plain

All Indian Council for Technical Education, The National Assessment & Accreditation, And the University Grants Commission has approved so many good government and private universities except the universities above. 

Apart from these colleges that are offering degrees, there are so many colleges that offer great diploma courses in IT; even a national Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, which is on the government, also provides diploma and certification courses. 

It is known to everyone that a degree or diploma is necessary, but students should focus on other things such as grooming; physical and mental grooming is also essential, such as willingness for hard work, good communication skills, and an analytical mind. HR also looks for these things in a candidate. 

Students need to keep in mind the importance of mathematics; for a student wanting to enter the IT sector, it is vital. 

Another question that wanders the mind of young out of school students is whether they should go abroad to study or not. But an insight from the experts from the information technology sector tells that, rather than getting a degree abroad, it is better to follow a single degree and specialize in it. 

It would be very handy if one is looking to make a career in the Indian IT sector. Also, an M. Sc is essential to have done by a student if he or she is looking for a teaching job in the IT sector, India or abroad. 

Career Path

The IT sector has basically two career paths in it; hardware and software. Hardware has maintenance, manufacturing, research, development, and management in it. And the software has manufacturing, developing, programming, and software, maintenance, and support in it. You can also develop different websites like Entertainment Websites or E-Commerce Websites etc.

IT’s main areas are sales/marketing, Data-centre management, database management, and computer Operation

Jobs most sought after positions are:- 

  • Computer Hardware Engineer, 
  • Software Engineer, 
  • Information Systems Manager,
  • Programmer, 
  • Network Systems
  • Data Analyst, 
  • Systems Analyst, 
  • Database Administrator, 
  • Systems Administrator, 
  • Support Specialist,
  • Computer
  • And Information Scientist, 
  • It School/College Computer Teacher,
  • And College or University Professor (specialized in any IT field)

Other jobs that you can find in the sector are:-

  • Networking, 
  • Web Designing, 
  • Search Engine Optimization, 
  • Computer Programming, 
  • Gaming, 
  • System/Database Administration, 
  • Software Testing, 
  • Security, 
  • Desktop Support, 
  • Technical Writing, E-Commerce, 
  • And Software Training.

Freshers usually have to undergo training for a period of time then they are designated as per their training. There is a good chance of becoming a project manager, in about three years, if you have good skills and will to do things. 

Many IT professionals working in India have exposure to both national and international work culture. These professionals are assigned work at customers’ worksites, and the clients mainly come from abroad.  

After some time and growth, junior IT professionals are given a chance of the choice of continuing work in the technology stream or shifting to the management stream. It is possible by your progress in work basically, depending on your skills and personal interests. 

The IT industry’s salary totally depends on your skills, experience, knowledge, your post, and your job profile

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