dog training chiang mai – An Overview

dog training chiang mai - An Overview

AtExpertasia Bully Campwe offerbothgroup and individual dog training chiang mai courses.

In our dog trainingclasseswe focus oninteraction and obedience.

Dog education

Education is an essential toolfor acquiring essentialknowledge andabilities.

Do youknow?

Just as each and everyperson on the planethas distinct fingerprints, everydogalso has a distinctivenose.

Every child requiresto betaught tolearn the essential skills and knowledge. Dogstoo mustbetrained in ordertomake a positive integration withtheir social group onone hand,and withinyourfamily and societyon the other hand.

Dogs are taughtto look at it, tofeel it, respectit,to knowit.

Totrain a dogit is essential to show respect for each other.

The language of dogs is unique to them.It is possible to learn howtospeak with dogs with the help ofourhighly skilled and knowledgeabledog professionals.

Our dog training courses

If it’s a puppyor an adult pet,all learning should be conductedin a way that is progressive.

Individual dog training classes

The first time you attend class,we willreview your currentpartnershipand your pet.At this point, an educationplan will be developed.The dog will thenbeintegrated intoour group classes(maximumfor fivedogsonout in the field).

Group lessons

Dogs are socialized byinteracted with other dogs andunderstanding their cues through words andbody language.Socialization for pupsbegins in the firstlitter.Then they will begin to interactwith other dogs,family members and humans. Thetime to socializea dog takes 2-3months.Weteachsocial skills and positive interactionwithother dogs and humans.

Many games and canine activitiescan be utilized to strengthentherelationship between thecanines and the owners.Through this, the dogs willlearn sociability andobedience.

Sociability & Games

It will begin withaseriesof gamesforyour dogin the initialindividual lessons.Subsequently we will develop thiseven more with small groupings. Wepayattention to yourdogwhen we conduct these lessons. Weoperate in acommunity environment where dogs arecomfortable, safeandvalued. Ourprimary goal is:



Obeyance is the foundation forlife withyourcompanion. It islearned and taughtby establishing a pleasantandpositivebond with you dog. We rewardwithfood, toys and attractivegames.The goal is his well-beingand the strong bondwith him.

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