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Covid-19: organize a wedding while respecting barrier gestures

Rental of tents and awnings in Stretch tent Hire Auckland

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to plague many countries around the world. Private events and parties are severely restricted to ensure everyone’s health. With these circumstances, is it still possible to organize a wedding under strict hygienic conditions? We have drawn up the possibilities for you.

Rental of tents and awnings in Stretch tent Hire Auckland

In this post, we also present our catalog of tents and awnings for rent for the department of Stretch tent hire Auckland. For events taking place abroad this year, we hope to be resuming. After the hard year 2020 which has crossed our sector like others, we hope that 2021 will be a year of recovery during which a large number of outdoor events can be developed from the spring.

Catalog of tents offered in Stretch tent Hire Auckland

Here are the different types of tents and their features.

  • Folding tents and pagodas

The folding tents and pagodas are tents easy to transport and install. These characteristics make them ideal for short-lived events, such as concerts, festivals, large parties… Folding tents are faster to set up than pagoda tents. But pagoda tents are more stylish than folding tents because of their shape.

  • Sail awnings, marquee tents, and nomadic stretch tents

In this group of tents and awnings are the sail awnings. This is the last type of tent that we have incorporated into our catalog. Sail awnings allow you to observe the landscape where they are installed. This makes them ideal for events where you want to enjoy the scenery while protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.

In case you need more protection while still having the necessary elegance, we have white marquee tents, transparent marquee tents, mixed marquee tents, and nomadic stretch tents. They provide better weather protection during multiple events. Like rain, cold, humidity, wind …

Marriage in the town hall

In this period of the state of a health emergency, civil marriages organized in town halls can only receive a maximum of 30 people in the public establishment. Until at least February, the number of guests who will be able to attend your happy event will be drastically reduced. Wearing a mask remains compulsory throughout the ceremony as well as physical distancing measures.

To this day, your official union, therefore, remains an event that will take place in the strictest confidence. However, you can provide for the presence of a photographer or ask one of your guests to take photos or film your union, and why not live! You will be able to send the pictures and videos to those who could not participate.

Marriage in places of worship

Concerning the religious ceremony of a marriage, the capacity of reception in the place of worship is of maximum of 30 people since December 15, 2020. To comply with the barrier measures, you must keep two free seats between each person or between each group of people sharing the same home. You must also leave an empty row between two occupied.


The reception and the reception

To date, all rooms open to the public, whether for a private or public event, remain closed. The same goes for our reception tents which, despite the possibility of keeping the structure open and therefore circulating the air, fall into these categories.

Regarding home weddings, the government has advised the French not to meet more than 6 people in a private setting. However, this is a recommendation and not an obligation, as the state cannot impose these restrictions in the private sphere.

Even if it is not recommended at all for health reasons, if you own a castle, the paradox is that you can organize your wedding or your birthday in this private place without limiting the number of guests.

It is therefore a question of the empowerment of each in private homes. If space allows, this type of reception should therefore be done in accordance with barrier gestures, by observing a space between the guests during meals, for example. In the curfew zone, guests must return home at 8 p.m.

Organize with providers

With the epidemic already installed for a year now, it is difficult to bring into play the force majeure clause if you have to postpone or cancel your marriage because of the Covid-19.


From now on, the organization of these events is done in full knowledge of the facts. Do not hesitate to discuss in detail the conditions of cancellation or postponement of your contracts with your service providers. Check your rights and make sure you don’t sign an unfair term on your contracts.

In case of postponement, ask for an amendment to the signed contract with the new date and the additional costs if there are any.

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