Complete Guide to Planning Your Dream Trip to Australia from india

Australia is the physical manifestation of a dream, a vision, and a free spirit.  This continent is known for its divine waters and diverse wildlife and vegetation. The beauty of this island is measured by the rich culture and limitless opportunities to experience the extreme thrill.

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Getting ready to travel 

Travelling is the most fun and often the shortest part of the trip. Planning and getting ready takes a lot of time. Let us see the things you need to keep in mind while getting ready to travel to Australia!

  • Visa – This is the first step to starting your preparation. Indian citizens need a visa to travel to Australia. There is no visa on arrival in Australia and that is why it has to be obtained beforehand. You will need to apply for an Australian tourist visa, which is a short-term visa for the sole purpose of tourism. You can download the visa form and submit it with the correct details. You will receive an email and the visa will be linked to your passport number. The applicable fees are determined by the Australian Government. Incorrect details or errors in the application form may lead to rejection. To ensure a smooth process and guaranteed visa acceptance, you can consult visa services.

The documents required for Australia visa for Indians are – Original passport with 6 months of validity from the date of travel, visa application form, 2 photos, covering letter with details, pan card or Adhaar card, financial statements, employment proof, and payslips, income tax returns, hotel bookings or accommodations, flight tickets of round trip, and marriage certificate if married.

  • Bookings – Bookings are important and need to be produced for obtaining a visa as well. The flight tickets, as well as hotel reservations, should be done well in advance as they are cheaper when you book them in advance.

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  • Best time to visit – The best times to visit Australia are March to May and September to November. These months offer pleasant weather to go around the country and enjoy the sights. If you wish to escape the cold of your country and you love summer and heat, then Australia is the perfect getaway for the winters because December, January, and February is the summer season!
  • Insurance – Travel insurance is a must-purchase item, no matter which place you are visiting. You can get international travel insurance online without any hassle. Travel insurance takes care of lost or stolen baggage, medical assistance in the foreign country, delayed or canceled flights, and personal accidents as well. You won’t have a hole burned in your pocket in case of any unfortunate instances. If you are an adrenaline lover, you can get the thrilling activities covered as well!
  • Itinerary– If you are going with a travel agent, your places to visit and see will be covered and you won’t have to fuss over it. However, if you wish to see everything that fascinates you, you can plan a trip on your own.

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Places to visit and things to see

Australia is like a one-pot meal. There is something for everyone and there is everything in just one country. There are a few gems that you just cannot miss.

  • Great Barrier Reef – The largest naturally occurring coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is alive with diverse marine life. This coral reef is 2,300 kilometers in the world and the beautiful sights it has to offer through snorkeling or scuba diving are incomparable. Whether you are on a budget or on a luxury trip, this jewel just cannot be missed.
  • Sydney – Housing one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, which is the Sydney Opera House, Sydney has a laid-back and calm vibe. The serene beaches and the Blue Mountains will quench your thirst for seeing the most beautiful sights. The museums and galleries are a peek into the rich history of this place. Why visit the zoo and go back when you can stay here overnight?

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  • Melbourne – This is one of the cultural hubs of the country and is bursting with dazzling markets and gorgeous hidden beaches.

Activities and sports

Australia offers the most exotic platter of adventures. You can go diving, snorkeling, surfing, island hopping, ride on a luxury train, take a foodie trip, enjoy meals by rivers, watch turtles hatch, take a ride in the hot air balloon, go white water rafting, and so much more! You might run out of time before you run out of things to do in Australia!

Culinary experience

Australia had made a mark on the world with its indigenous ingredients and amazing culinary experts. From the local cheap eats to fine dining restaurants, there is a delicious meal waiting for you at every corner.

Art and Culture

The experience of art starts from street art in Australia. The theatres, museums, and galleries offer a hint of the existing culture in Australia. Every region has a story to tell and it is best heard from the local people.

The attractions and activities in Australia are nothing compared to the elation you feel once you have completed the trip. It is a vacation for your mind, body, and soul!

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