Commonly Asked Questions About Duck Calls

Commonly Asked Questions About Duck Calls

To be a successful duck hunter, you should be looking at guides and learning tips from pros in order to make the right choices. Many duck hunters stand by tried-and-true tools out in the field such as the duck call.

What is a duck call?

A duck call is an instrument that will sound like ducks in order to attract them. It looks and works like a small clarinet. Using JJ Lares duck calls can improve your duck hunting by getting the ducks into your shooting range. They are difficult to use and take practice to create realistic calls. Improperly done calls can scare away your prey.

How does it attract ducks?

A JJ Lares call can sound just like a real duck with practice. There are plenty of calls to make such as greeting calls, feed calls, or pleading calls. Each call sounds different. If you use them at the right time, you will attract a duck’s attention. If the duck can’t see you, they will think it’s a real duck who is calling out to them. Every duck is different and might not react the way they should calls. Some might be stubborn and refuse to answer back to your call. It’s important to switch up the calls and see what works. Just don’t overdo it!

What kind should I get?

JJ Lares calls come in two different styles—Single and double reed. Double reed is the easiest to use but doesn’t have as much versatility as the single reed. Most hunters prefer the single reed for its flexibility. They are more difficult to use, but once you learn how to use it, it will have the most authentic sound. Double reeds, however, are great for mixing it up in areas where other hunters are using single reed calls to attract ducks. Using a double reed to stand out, will be better to attract the ducks’ attention.


Ask about which duck call would be best for you at your local hunting supply store. They can help you pick the perfect duck call and offer you tips on how to use it.

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