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Cancer Tips: 10 Survival Truths

The numbers of cancer cases are rising worldwide and there are a lot of uncertainties while battling this deadly illness. Cancer is a curable disease, if diagnosed early, but it requires a lot of resilience. Doctors use medicines, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery and chemotherapy for treating it. You must also take care of yourself. It is not an easy battle, but here are a few survival truths about cancer.

  1. Detect the Signs: It is quite difficult to detect the early signs of cancer, but you must not ignore the warning signs. Stay aware of the symptoms and if you notice any such symptom, you must consult a doctor. Even if you don’t have cancer but have a family history, you must get regularly diagnosed. In most cases, cancer gets cured if diagnosed early. The earlier you start with the treatment, the better it is.
  2. Contact a Specialist: This is one of the most important tips when you are suffering from cancer. A lot of people consult general physicians instead of going to an oncologist. Specialists have a better experience and they have more knowledge about the subject matter. There are also specialized to treat different types of cancer. For instance, gynecological oncologists are specialized to treat ovarian cancer. Instead of going to other doctors and making it worse, it is advisable to consult an oncologist. You can find the best oncologists in a good cancer hospital in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore or elsewhere.
  3. Go for Second Opinion: Opting for other opinions is not a bad idea. It will allow you to get more knowledge about cancer. You can also go to a renowned cancer research center for getting opinions. You can also seek opinion from a cancer specialist who has experience in dealing with your type of cancer.
  4. Get to Know More about Cancer: You must know and understand about cancer and treatment options. Educate yourself through an authentic source. One of the best ways is to join a cancer community and learn more about the disease. There are a lot of non-governmental organizations that can guide you and help you in coping with cancer. You can also attend cancer workshops for more help.
  5. Get Moral Support from Your Near Ones: You must understand that your family and friends are always there to help you throughout this bad phase. Moral support will give you the courage to fight against the disease. You can also join a cancer community and interact with other people who are also dealing with the same kind of physical and emotional turmoil. These interactions will make you stronger and help you in overcoming the bad phase.
  6. Plan Your Diet: When you are battling cancer, it is extremely important to take care of your diet. You can consult a nutritionist for guidance. You must eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Avoid eating junk food and follow a balanced diet, as advised by the doctors.
  7. Exercise Regularly: Indulge yourself in some kind of exercise like jogging or walking. Don’t start with a heavy workout regime. You can also try yoga and meditation. Exercising is the best way to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.
  8. Manage Your Other Health Conditions: If you have any other medical condition like asthma, allergy or blood pressure, focus on regulating that. Don’t ignore these conditions as the situation might worsen if not managed properly.
  9. Show Your Commitment: Don’t neglect your medicines and diet. Sometimes, the treatment might take longer, but you don’t need to get disappointed. You must have faith in your doctor and yourself. 
  10. Keep Yourself Motivated: You have to be strong enough to handle yourself. You can talk to someone close to you or indulge yourself in a hobby. Keep yourself engaged and motivated throughout.

Cancer is no doubt difficult to handle, but you must not get disheartened. Stay positive and fight it. The above-mentioned tips can help you in dealing with cancer and coming out as a survivor.

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