Boost Your Real Estate Business With CRM And Cloud Telephony Integration

Every successful realtor puts in a lot of effort to woo clients. The issue is that there are only twenty-four hours in a day, regardless of how busy you are or how many clients you have. Moreover, it is not possible to be present at two places at the same time. It is where the call-centre facility arises as to the best standing solution

Call centres employ well-trained and experienced salespeople to engage in productive communication with potential customers and provide consistent support to them even after closing the deal. Some of the major roles of call centres as an integral part of Real Estate sales and marketing include-

  • lead generation and deal closure
  • provide property listing, sale or lease-related advice to prospects
  • develop instant client relationships
  • guide the prospects based on individual needs
  • get the planned sales and marketing strategies into action

How does a Call Centre Automation CRM help in effective lead management?

According to studies, almost 47% of clients switch from a business to its competitors, the reason being poor customer service. It is evident how much difference even a single lead could create in a Real Estate business where the game is of margins. Here are the most useful features of a Real Estate CRM that have made effective interaction with leads an easy task-

1. Personalised experience with call routing-

This feature helps you obtain the caller’s information using just their phone numbers. Once you identify the person, the follow-up steps include routing them directly to the sales team or further collect other information by asking questions in IVR.

2. Shorten the call handling time-

The CRM Software captures and delivers elementary customer-related information to the sales agents through an on-screen notification. As a result, it brings down the average call handling time. It’s easier to keep up with call volume if calls are shorter and to the point.

3. Enables self-service option-

Customers, in general, prefer self-service when it is a viable alternative. The integration of CRM with self-service systems enables them to access information in a similar fashion as done by the sales agents. It would significantly improve the utility of those tools.

4. Improve customer retention rate-

To achieve better outbound customer retention, you can use a call centre CRM integrated with the autodial software. It will help develop a simplistic automated channel that places periodic calls to the aspired customers.

How can Cloud Telephony Integration give a boost to your Real Estate business?

Nowadays, customers expect businesses to interact with them immediately after they provide their contact information, and companies that do not do so risk losing a lead. To provide an omnichannel interface to their clients, Real Estate firms must look forward to Cloud Telephony services.

Every day, a Real Estate firm receives hundreds of calls and queries, and it’s critical to answer each one. In this sector, even one phone call can cost an absolute fortune.  By automating the call management system, Cloud Telephony Solution assists the companies in ensuring no missed leads.

Have a look at the significant benefits of using Cloud-based telephony systems in the Real Estate business-

1. Integrated communication systems-

These systems are fully integrated with all the business communication systems. It helps several teams refine their work pipelines and ensures a seamless business flow. You can view every piece of information in a single interface thanks to these simplified workflows, making it easier to analyse the insights and deliver results.

2.  High scalability and customisation-

These systems prove their high scalability by providing rapid data updates and customisation characteristics to add new features in real-time for smoother CRM integration.

3. Highly mobile and cost-effective-

The biggest benefit of cloud telephony solutions is that the agents can do their job on the go. This way, even if the agent isn’t in the office, it can handle any help or sales inquiries. All you need is a device with cloud telephony software and a reliable Internet connection.

Furthermore, the company can reduce its expenditure significantly as there is no need for desktop and desk phone systems. Every task can be handled just with the agents’ laptop.

A great Real Estate CRM software like Sell.Do with built-in cloud telephony services helps in better sales-calling to improve the performance throughout the sales cycle. It comes with excellent features like-

  • Interglobe connectivity to reach leads despite geographic barriers
  • On-premise and Could Telephony support to provide complete call centre experience
  • Vanity numbers to track leads automatically
  • Streamline incoming calls with Built-in Voicemail, IVR & Greetings
  • Intelligent and Sticky Call Routing for effective lead communication
  • Keep track of call dispositions & breaks for in-depth insights
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Dashboard to keep a check on performance & productivity
  • Useful call features like Click-to-call, manual call logs, call recordings storage, etc.


As mentioned, losing out even on a single lead can cost you a lot especially in the Real Estate sector. Hence, implementation of CRM and Cloud Telephony Integration is a must to engage with leads in the most productive way, eventually bettering the conversion rate and driving more sales.

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