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Zonbase, getting more user-centered and approached by thousands of users for its research and coaching services, is in need to provide a better and in-depth review of the features, it is offering to its users.  Before getting any decision to get subscribed with this amazing research tool, you need to go through this Zonbase review first. 

Introduction of Zonbase

With each new year, millions of sellers are getting registered with Amazon with the hope of making profits with more sales. Either these new sellers are selling products choosing from the wholesale markets or selling their own produced products on Amazon. Getting a business shop in a real place is something else as compared to selling on Amazon or on any of the retailing online markets. With millions of sellers, selling the same product for a couple of years and defining the sales share in the market, a new seller cannot compete this existing seller. Such a situation will either result in loss of most of the investment capital or end up with business failure. 

For these main reasons, it’s important to get started selling with the right product, which is in demand but sold by a few sellers on Amazon. The most prominent feature of Zonbase, the Product Research Tool helps the sellers find the right product to sell on Amazon. 

Product Research Tool of Zonbase

The product research tool of Zonbase is a tool that enables the sellers to get the right product to sell on Amazon The tool users are provided with the required information and details on how to use the tool along with the data which is needed for analyzing the product if it is a benefiting product or not. 

The main filters which are made in the tool are below:

        Get products that have lower than thirty reviews

        Get products that are sold on a daily basis

        Get products that are sold by less than 500 sellers

        Get products that are new with high demand

Along with the above best research tool, Zonbase provides the best optimization tools as well to make the selling process smooth with more engaging sales. 

Sales Optimization Tools

The five tools which are specially designed to optimize sales are as below:

         ZonTracker by Zonbase

         Reverse ASIN by Zonbase

         PPC Autopilot by Zonbase

         Keywords Finder by Zonbase

         PageOne by Zonbase

The above tools are specially designed to make the sales increase with each day with competitor analysis and analysis of general market trends of Amazon. 


Listing Optimization Tool

The three special tools by Zonbase for optimizing the Amazon Product Listings not only optimize the content with the best golden and general keywords but also optimize the listings with its Photo Enhancer feature as well. The three main features of the listing optimization tool are as below:

         Listify

         Photo Enhancer

         Listing Optimizer

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