Advice That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Advice That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Whatever place you’re at in your relationshipit’s difficult to let someone know how you’re feeling  particularly if you’re feeling sexually enthralled. Even though technology has made communication easier between two individuals, sexting can still be uncomfortable if you’re not experienced with it. Like having sex the first time, it requires some prepping–and a lot of communication. Since we’re suffering from a pandemic and couples are finding themselves within and couples who confronted with a different series of issues (like, do you even have physical dates with each other?). If sexting is a thing you’re thinking about, where can you begin?

What is the best way to start with sexting?

The quick answer is: Consent. Consent. Consent is essential. Communication is crucial. Society has programmed people to think that when women send you a surprise nude image of herself, their partners should be grateful (and that unsolicited dick picks are the only thing to be avoided), but consent is a two-way street.

A heads-up would be a great way to avoid awkward situations. What happens if you send someone a dirty text while they are watching their lolaa video on their smartphone‘di ba? This puts the person in a difficult spot and you wouldn’t be able to consent to having them see whatever it is you just sent. If you’ve never had a discussion regarding sexting before then bring it up while you two are already feeling the vibe. Once you’ve agreed on your terms the next step is to give the other person a heads-up by telling them something that’s semi-safe, like “Bored ako. What would you do for me if we were to be together?

Are you unsure what to say? These are some alternatives to sexting.

  1. Think physically. The whole reason you’re having a sexting session currently is that it’s impossible to be physically together and you’re trying to recreate that experience. This could be something in the form of “I’m somewhat cold this moment. I’d love to have you there to warm me up.” Or “Remember that time we were having a blast last movie day natin?” I’m eager to repeat that again.”

  2. Let your fantasies flow. Ask them about their sexual desires. It’s also a means to let your partner know that they are free to let their imaginations go wild and you’re willing to exploring your partner’s quirks.

  3. Rely on pop-culture. This one’s for if you’re really, really mahiyain and can’t get yourself to talk about what you want (yet): You can use the term “hot scene” to refer to an episode from a show or film. You’re almost certain to have at the very least one scene in your the back of your mind. For example, “Do you remember that one episode that you saw …?” Do you want to watch it again together? LOL, promise, they’ll know where you’re going by this.

  4. You can request a photo. Send me a picture of you right now. Given that you’ve both already agreed to this, the urgency with the need to “see” someone immediately can be be a huge turn-on. The question is: If you have never sent or taken a sexy picture What can you do to get it to be perfect?

What is the best way to take photos of your thirst?

If you’re comfortable snapping an intimate photo and then sending it to someone else, it’s all about the lighting and angle. I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t like receiving overexposed photos of someone’s dick taking up three-fourths of the frame. This is a missed chance to capture the moment. You probably know your angles alreadyIf you are looking to achieve your goals there are two options. You can use the natural light that is always trustworthy or use shadows to impress your partner.

An important reminder:

Technology isn’t flawless, but it’s not without its flaws. Many users lose their mobiles or have their accounts compromised. Many have experienced having their–and several of the hackers were trusted people. Consider these scenarios as you discuss with your partner about the sexting boundaries you’d like to establish. These issues could impact the kind of photos you feel comfortable sharing and sharing. It’s all about coming together to make an informed decision.

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