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8 Best Hair Colour Ideas for Dark Hair

Now your favourite chocolate and coffee recipes have turned into hair colour names. It is attractive and interesting at the same time. Interesting names and the satisfying result goes hand in hand, the biggest advantage of living in the 21st century. You all may get a little surprised that the chocolate brown hair colour happens to be the most favourite of women. You may fail at finding a woman who never fell in love with this hair colour ever in her life. Undoubtedly, our heart skips a beat whenever we see some lady flaunting her chocolate brown hair shades. You must be trying your best to get this oh-so-vibrant shade for your hair, and the chances are that you are blessed with dark hair, naturally.

Dark hair must be a blessing for many. Still, if you are the one who is trying hard colouring your hair with some fantastic trending shade, and must have found it as a challenge, good news, today you are going to have a good night sleep after taking a look at all the good-to-go kind of suggestions for achieving the best hair colour ideas for dark hair with Manic Panic Hair Colours. You will thank us later, we are sure. You live in the world with ample opportunities to grab rich cocoa to some creamy milk chocolate shades. Yes, you are free to feel like on cloud seven. Read along with the amazing list of shades and suggestions.


You surely must have seen this shade in your dream or just say that you had one imaginative character in your head with mind-boggling hair with chocolate brown to molten caramel shades. Yes? See, we knew this already. The balayage begins in the mid-lengths of the hair; it creates a beautiful melt. It is time to witness the journey of turning the scrumptious drink to an amazing hair colour shade. You are already dreaming!


We really understand the hidden pain behind your naturally blessed black shade of hair. Your hair must be screaming, do something exciting with me, or just go bald. Before they speak to you again make sure that you paint them cherry ripe colour. Add some spice to your hair and have a blast in the upcoming event. There are ample of ways to slay. Go cherry ripe!


Your skin tone and the eye colour has always played an important role in enhancing the hair colour, yes, and you heard it right. The best part of this blissful shade is that it goes perfectly well with all the skin tones and yes all the eye colours as well. Don’t you think the name of this shade should change and jump on something like “blissful-shade”? It just looks flawless on everyone and anyone. What else would you ask for while looking at yourself in the mirror every morning? We hope you don’t miss grabbing your coffee.


It must be very difficult for you not to love a mug full of hot coffee in the cold morning. Likewise, it is quite difficult to not to love this shade and walk away just like that. A good balayage gives you a fantastic look and makes your skin glow. How? We hope you understand the game of happy hormones when you are feeling just amazing inside out. Not every colour is going to rock this way. These highlights begin at the mid-lengths and will go with all skin tones and eye colours. Explore all of them – from rich, creamy hazelnut shade to a dark chocolate brown.  


If you are the one with straight hair, cheers, you are soon going to rock this style. This shade looks really dynamic with its well-blended highlights. The best way to make fine hair appear voluminous is to pick chocolate with micro ombre.


It usually works on people with fine hair, so the trick is to get the perfect highlights to get sure that they aren’t chunky. Know that the unusual blend of ice-blonde highlights with milk chocolate brown will look fantastic on cool skin.  


Go get some good balayage pieces with dark chocolate hair for yourself. You would never regret doing this. This shade looks really good on those with cool skin tone. This style does not transition into a lighter colour. It incorporates chunky balayage highlights from the mid-lengths of the hair. It may prove to be the one amongst best hair colour ideas for dark hair. What are you waiting for?


So here you have a good old ombre with you. If you find it difficult to take your eyes off the warm tones, go for this shade. Brown eyes? Do not give this a second thought. Keep admiring this shade and give your heart and hair to this shade right away.



Here comes the gorgeous shade you’ve ever come across. Suppose you are tired of your dark hair and still thinking of the right shade of chocolate brown. Step out and hit some good stores. Yes, we must add, it looks great on cool skin tone. Let the chocolate root melt steal the show.

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