5 Interesting Facts About Chipboard That You Never Know

Chipboard is a kind of paper stock. It is a thick paper that is prepared from recycled fiber. It has many industrial and commercial applications. It is unique due to its thickness.

Chipboard, also known as particleboard, is an engineered product of wood. It is composed of wood chips or jute sticks and a synthetic resin or any other suitable binder. It comes in many variable densities such as low density, medium density, and high density. Lower density is soft and fair, whereas high density is hard and solid. It finds its uses in kitchen tops and fire doors. Many different sizes of the sheet are available in the market. The standard sheet size is 1200 x 2400mm. It comes in variable thickness from 0.05 inches thick to 0.10 inches thick. It is a very versatile paper stock. It has many uses and benefits. Here are 5 facts about it.

How To Prepare It?

It is an understated and versatile material that is most widely used in the world. It is providing many convenient and affordable solutions for building requirements. People also know it by the names of particleboard or low-density fiberboard. To prepare it, small particles of wood or jute sticks are mixed with epoxy and then pressed together under strong heat and pressure to manufacture a rigid material. It possesses a smooth surface. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Its main advantage is that it provides cost-effective and versatile building solutions. Its major drawback is that it is not waterproof. Its uncoated surface is porous soaks water that comes into contact with it. Therefore, it is essential to keep it away from water. Different companies laminate its surface with melamine, glass, water-resistant veneers, and varnishes. These modifications make it more robust. It has many uses in interior building and decorating projects.

Variable Densities for Different Purposes

Due to its extensive useful attributes, it finds its applications in many fields such as kitchen tops, interior decoration, scrapbooking, and many others. It comes in many variable densities. Its lowest thickness is 0.006 inches. Many higher densities are available. Different thickness board is usable in different fields. For example, the backside of a legal pad of paper comes with a lower density board. Book covers contain hardbacks, which consist of thicker particleboard. Similarly, the floorboard is extensively useful material. People use it to protect the surfaces of the floor from paint, mud, driven machinery, water, foot traffic, blunt force impacts, and more. This is an example of the highest density fiberboard. It finds its uses in all types of job sites. This feature has made it a very important paper stock. Due to numerous useful applications, it has become extremely popular among people. It is useful for many projects due to its variable densities.

Excellent Flooring Material

Floors are surfaces of the house where people walk, sit, and do other jobs. It is the most widely used part of the house. It must be strong enough to withstand higher blunt forces, temperature, higher pressure, and other devastating issues. People try to get a flooring solution that is sturdy, strong, and resistant to water. They also make it beautiful and attractive. Chipboard is an excellent material for all kinds of floors. Its highest density makes it suitable for flooring applications. Its thickest forms are prepared by small binding pieces of wood instead of paper. This is the reason that they are extremely durable. It is a cost-friendly and convenient substitute for wood and concrete. In the case of flooring solutions, it comes with laminated surfaces. It helps it become safe from water. The coated or treated surface of this board does not let the water affect its quality and maintains its properties for a long time.

Make Furniture and Counterparts

Furniture has become the requirement of each house. Companies have produced a lot of sophisticated and pretty designs of furniture. There is a lot of innovation in this field. People purchase charming and beautiful furniture for their houses. This is an expensive material for houses, and people cannot buy it again and again. They try to get some strong and long-lasting solutions. Fiberboard comes in variable densities and thicknesses. It serves the purpose well. People buy it according to their ease and requirement. Office furniture comes with higher strength particleboard. In the case of furniture, it comes with a veneer coating or other kind of lamination. Wood furniture and its counterparts are much expensive and not affordable for everyone. The advantage of such material is that it is economical and affordable as compared to wood products. It has replaced wood for the construction of furniture. It has provided a versatile and cost-friendly building solution.

Versatile Crafting and Scrapbooking Substance

Creative projects have numerous attractions. Creative people always devise some beautiful ideas and practice them to amuse clients. Fiberboard is an excellent material for various creative projects. There are endless benefits and uses of this material. You can make the bindings of your books. It helps you create thick pages or make cutouts, including letters and other shapes. It also assists in making picture frames and other decoration pieces. It possesses higher strength as compared to paper and greater density than cardboard. It can be painted on or covered with beautiful paper or fabric. There are many innovative and robust ideas to make it look pretty and useful. Due to its properties, it has extensive applications in building, interior decoration, construction of furniture and kitchen tops. It is also useful to make house sound-deadening or absorbing. In the packaging industry, this material provides an extremely protective and safe solution.

Chipboard is a wood product that has numerous advantages. It has many applications in flooring, furniture, interior decoration, kitchen tops, and fire doors. It also serves as a packaging solution. It is economical and cost-effective as compared to wood and concrete. It is a versatile material for a different project. Its smooth surface helps you write, draw, or stamp on it.

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