5 Facilities that You Can Only Get at an International School

Finding the right school for a child is challenging for many parents, as there are many good schools out there for the taking. You can choose between a public and private school, a local and international school, or select a school based on your chosen curriculum.

As parents, you want the best for your children. So if money is no barrier, we’d recommend that you choose an international school. Armed with specific mandates and protocols, international schools have proved to be the go-to destination for children’s education.

Here is a list of the top 5 facilities that you will only get at an international school:

Well-equipped laboratories:

Well-equipped laboratories are one of the most prominent facilities that you will find in any international school. Be it a chemistry lab, a biology lab, or a physics lab – an international school will have it all. The latest and most modern facilities and equipment are available for students in an international school. 

Since such schools are financially well-off and are always competing with other schools, they ensure that their students have access to the best facilities. You won’t find this in a public school as they are run by the government and are usually poorly funded. In most cases, they don’t even have laboratories or even the bare minimum regular classes to begin with!

New Age Courses:

New age courses offered by international schools are another facility that deserves applause. While this may not be true for all international schools, most of them have started making significant education advancements by introducing new age courses.

Like the Global Indian International School (GIIS), international schools offer STEM courses and courses in robotics, leadership training, and entrepreneurship. Thus students have the resources to hone their skills in areas that captivate their interest. You won’t find such modern amenities in public schools. Even if you do, they would be scarce and far too few. 

Digital Classrooms:

The advent of modern technology comes with a whole lot of innovations in every space and sector. The education sector is no exception to this. You can see traces of advanced and modern tech-driven learning in international schools which have started incorporating digital classrooms in their school.

Digital classrooms are simply those classrooms that actively use technology in day to day teaching instructions. For example, classrooms with whiteboards and multimedia projectors can be effectively described as digital classrooms. They use tech to impart education training. Such amenities are rarely seen in conventional schools that still rely on traditional blackboards for teaching.

Swimming Pools and Sports Fields:

While most schools would have an open area, not every school will have them. For a child’s overall holistic development, they need physical activities alongside classroom teaching. Even open playgrounds are a luxury in some public schools, while it is an indispensable feature in international schools.

Most international schools will have proper football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, and other facilities to enrich a child’s learning experience. Such schools are quite competitive and boast of these amenities because they want to project themselves as all-encompassing schools that offer any and every facility under the sun to their students. You will rarely find these infrastructure wonders in other schools.

Excellent Security:

Another facility that needs to be discussed here is child security that is ensured by almost all international schools. 

Since funding is no barrier with an international school, offering safety and security on the school premises is one of the most significant advantages of enrolling your child in an international school. They have the resources to hire well-trained guards and install CCTV cameras in strategic areas in the school to ensure that your child’s safety and security is provided at all times. 

Such bullet-proof security is rare in regular schools because their resources get allocated elsewhere. They do not enjoy the luxury of ensuring campus security and child safety.


This blog has given an overview of the top five facilities you will find in an international school. While you might find a combination of one or more of these features in some good private schools, it might not match an international school’s standards.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you expect from a school. If the facilities we have discussed in this blog seem like a luxury you can do without, by all means, feel free to choose a good public school for your child. 

But if you want your child to excel in all spheres of life in addition to academics, we would advise you to look at reputed international schools. Reputed and well-known international schools like the Global Indian International School (GIIS) offer these facilities in its Noida, Bangalore, and Pune campuses. 

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