5 Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation in Essex

Cavity wall insulation is basically the insertion of insulating material to fill the cavity wall between two consecutive bricklayers. Having empty cavities can affect the performance of a heating or cooling system in the house dissipating almost 35% heat. Cavity wall insulation can be done using a variety of materials. This practice is beneficial due to several reasons. Cavity wall insulation is a quite affordable and important corrective measure. Whether you are building a new or home or renovating an old home, cavity wall isolation is a must. You need to carefully monitor the need for insulation, choice of materials and company providing insulation services before choosing the insulation. However, if you are looking for cavity wall insulation in Essex, Moreton Energy Saving company is providing efficient insulation services as well as insulation grants.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is one of the important elements of a house foundation. This practice is beneficial for a home due to the following reasons:

1- Temperature regulation

The internal environment of a house is important for the well-being of its residents. A healthy and comfortable environment of a home depends upon many factors. One such factor is the temperature of the home. A variety of heating and cooling system serves the purpose of regulating temperature. No matter how efficient cooling or heating system we install in the house, it can still not make the conditions optimum. The reasons behind the poor working of these systems can be empty wall cavities. Having the cavity wall insulation can help o improve the working of temperature regulatory systems and maintain a warm or cold environment accordingly.

2- Energy efficient

An energy-efficient home is all that you need. No one loves to spend a huge amount on the energy budget of a house. However, several practices can make a home energy efficient. Some of these may include:

  • Sealing of windows
  • Thermostat temperature maintenance
  • Low-flow shower-heads
  • Saving unnecessary water and electricity usage
  • Changing your electrical appliances

Alongside all these measures, having cavity wall insulation is one of the most effective ways to minimize energy expenditure. Because in a well-insulated space both heat and cold will stay for longer times. This will prevent the frequent working of heating or cooling system saving you a great deal of energy in the long-run.

3- Low maintenance

Once you invest in having wall insulation, it can last for years. According to the general observation, good insulation can last for up-to 25 years. Further, these wall insulations require little or no maintenance around the year.

4- Easy to install

Another benefit of having cavity wall insulation is its easy installation. Once you decide on getting the home insulation, you can choose any insulation installation service providers in the market. You can see their relevant qualification, experience in the field, the company’s market reputation and more importantly your own budget before getting the service. They can thoroughly guide you through the process, benefits and other necessary information. After this, they can easily perform the wall insulation. These wall insulations are preferred due to their easy installation.

5- Cost-effective

When we talk about the maintenance cost of a home, it is clear that we spend a lot of money as energy expenses. To reduce the cost of home-maintenance one of the common practices is doing the cavity wall insulation. Despite being a financial investment, it is very cost-effective in general. Having cavity wall insulation reduces the operating timings for your heating and cooling system as mentioned above. This makes a home energy-efficient and saves on electricity bills that repay the cost of insulation installation within a few months.  


Cavity wall insulation is an inexpensive and easy way to make your homes energy-efficient. So, if you are planning to build a new home or renovating the existing one you should definitely consider the cavity wall insulation.

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