3 Steps To Drive Innovation in a Team Meeting

One of the keys to business success is innovation — the creation of something new and exciting. Innovation is the one thing that ensures you differentiate your company from your competitors. However, creativity cannot be demanded; it must be nurtured. You can help nurture innovation by building team environments with Zoom immersive view templates, but the process typically stems from engagement. Still, you can breed innovation; it is just a matter of understanding how to motivate and support your team.

1. Create an Environment Open to Ideas

A Google Meet virtual background is an excellent way to show unity in a virtual office, but it does not create an environment open to ideas on its own. The only way to cater to openness is with effective communication and management. All team members must feel they have a voice, a respected voice. If team members feel undervalued or underappreciated, they are less likely to share their opinions or insights.

Ensuring that every member feels heard and appreciated is one of management’s most important jobs. You can improve employee morale and confidence by complimenting the individual or congratulating them on a job well done. Additionally, you can help boost employee confidence by praising them for different accomplishments. All team members add value to a team, and it is your job as a leader to ensure they know their opinions and input are of value.

2. Establish Brainstorming

Innovation comes from more than a virtual office background; it also comes from the raw opinions and insights of your team. If you want to foster an environment open to ideas, make brainstorming a regular part of group gatherings. For instance, end weekly meetings with brainstorming sessions for topics, ideas, project changes, etc. Help your team feel open to sharing their raw ideas. Never ridicule someone’s perspective. Ridicule is the poison to good ideas and brainstorming.

Team members must feel welcome to share unfiltered. If you want people to open up during meetings, they must feel like the meeting is a safe place. The first time someone shares an idea and gets laughed at or shut down is likely the last time you have an effective and engaging brainstorming session. A team must learn to work together and hold each other up, not shoot each other down. Brainstorming can be one of the greatest complements to innovation, but it requires trust.

3. Encourage All Members To Participate

Innovation is a team exercise. While you can have a single person come up with an excellent idea, it will likely require the participation of a group to make the idea work. You can help lead the success of an innovative idea by encouraging all team members to participate in discussions and the execution of the idea. As usual, ensure all members understand their value.

Innovation is often the difference between success and failure in business. If your company is not adapting and changing, it is not challenging and growing. If you want help promoting innovation in your company, contact a team development specialist.

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