10 Reasons Your Children Will Benefit from an International School in Tokyo

You want your children to have every advantage in life. You want to make sure they have a solid education that puts them in the best position to choose the career and life they see for themselves. You want them to be well-adjusted and happy. The right school can help make all that happen. If you’re checking out options in Tokyo, Japan, consider international schools. 

Here are some of the best reasons why they make for an excellent option for your children. 

International Environment

One of the best reasons to send your children to an international school in Tokyo is the learning environment. They’ll find themselves dealing with classmates and staff from different backgrounds, races, and cultures. If you’ve only recently moved to Japan, then this is ideal. It means your children won’t feel like they stand out so much and that will help them blend in faster. 

Academic Excellence 

Plenty of international schools have a wonderful reputation for academic excellence. If you want your child to grow up with a strong academic foundation, then these schools are a good choice. Your children won’t have any trouble getting into the college or course they want after this.  

Expert Teachers 

The quality of the teaching matters. Right from the nursery school level, international schools will typically have teachers with training, expertise, and credentials. But beyond their qualifications, it’s their absolute commitment to every child that counts. The best teachers know how to encourage and motivate children. 

Cutting Edge Facilities 

International schools in Tokyo have the facilities to support the extracurricular activities that they offer. That might not be all that important now, but you’ll be glad you paid attention and picked a school with those facilities when your children start going back to their classrooms. 

STEM Education 

Many international schools recognize the importance of STEM subjects. That’s why they make them a core part of the curriculum. They also offer extracurriculars to help students gain more insight and training in certain STEM fields. Encouraging their interest and providing training will help them improve existing skills or help them gain new ones.

Arts Education 

With a holistic education, it’s not surprising that international schools in Tokyo also place quite a premium on extracurricular activities, especially those focusing on the arts or sports. That’s because they understand that every child is different. Praising and rewarding children for excelling in the arts or sports shows them that their skills and talents matter. It gives many children opportunities to shine in class instead of all that spotlight on the academic performers. 

Experiential Learning 

Many of these schools provide experiential learning. That contributes to children’s improved cognitive development. It also helps the students absorb the information better. This learning method matters because some children have a hard time with traditional learning styles. Schools that recognize the different types of learners, then work hard to use various learning methods because that exposes children to a range of teaching styles. The exposure helps the teachers pinpoint which styles their students respond best to. That means they’ll know better how to reach out to those students.

Morals Development 

True education goes beyond academic learning because there’s more to life than grades and exam scores. The best schools know this. That’s why they focus on providing a holistic education, meaning one that puts equal emphasis on the importance of moral values and academics. Without values, education is empty. What they strive to teach the students is more than math or science, engineering or technology. Yes, doing well in these subjects will help set up the children for life in the future. But it won’t help them manage their temper well, or make friends, or communicate effectively with their teammates. More and more schools are fast recognizing how important it is to train children how to treat each other fairly, with kindness and compassion. 

Innovative Programmes

The best schools are at the forefront of education, providing the latest technologies and using up-to-date practices in the industry. They make it possible for the students to learn beyond what they’re currently studying in class. That builds up their excitement and thrill and helps deepen their interest, hopefully into something lasting which could lead them to their careers in the future. 

Scholarship Options 

These schools also offer scholarships. With the way the pandemic has impacted families, businesses, and communities worldwide, finding educational grants that help students and their families is a rare treasure. Consider the options and check the compatibility requirements. Are your children eligible? What areas will your children need to improve? Find out more about the educational grants, so you can help your children decide if they want to pursue applying to those programmes. 

The above reasons will surely tilt the favour towards international schools in Tokyo. Before paying the fee for the school, it is important to check out reviews about the school on Google or from other parents. 

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