10 Best Healthy Foods To Weight Gain Fast

To gain weight, choose food that is high in calories. Instead of junk food, you should add healthy foods to weight gain that is full of nutrients and rich in calories. It is advised by health experts that always plan for a proper diet and exercise; if you are too thin.  Because gaining weight can be a difficult task for those who have a high metabolism system. Always go for high calories like nuts, cashew, or apricot food instead of eating sweets, rich or fatty foods. You will also get surprised to know the health benefits of almonds.

Skinny people diet their plan properly and it should be rich in healthy carbs, protein and dietary fibres. Because thin people always need more calories to fulfill their nutrient requirements.

Eating fewer calories for anybody can cause to become underweight, organ failure and weak immunity. So it is very important to keep in mind that a healthy diet is most important part of healthy lifestyle.

Here, we have enlisted our 10 best healthy foods to weight gain that you can include into your diet plan:

  • Milk
  • Rice
  • Egg
  • Potato & starches
  • Red Meat
  • Dried Fruits
  • Nuts & nut butter
  • Protein supplements
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cheese

1) Milk

Milk is a rich source of nutrients & proteins. It provides energy to your body with great amount of calories. Also mixing milk with weight gainer products helps to build muscles & weight gain. Drinking a glass of milk daily, nourish your whole body naturally and make your bones stronger.

2) Rice

Rice is the easiest way for those people who are struggling with what to eat for weight gain. Always choose brown rice for a healthy diet. They are good source of protein, fibers & healthy carbs. If you want to gain weight fast then always eat rice with high calories food for increasing your calorie intake.

3) Eggs

Eggs are a great source of nutrients and rich in protein which are required in weight gaining. So, those who are on a weight gain diet always remember to include egg in their diet plan. You will see great result and positive changes in your body with in short time period.

4) Potato & Starches

We all know that potatoes are the great source of carbohydrates and contain starches. It will be a good option to add this food into your diet plan to gain weight. And you will see the result within a short span of time.

5) Red Meat & Chicken

Those who are non-vegetarian or love to eat chicken, this you should definitely include these food items into your diet plan. Red meat and chicken is a great source of phosphorus, protein and calcium. Consuming this regularly can be beneficial in helping you gain weight fast in a healthy way.

6) Dried Fruits

Dried fruits like; walnut, apricots, raisins contain more calories and rich source of fibers & nutrients. Adding them into your diet will help you to gain weight with calories and saturated fats.

7) Nuts and nut butter

Nut and nut butter is a healthy, affordable and delicious food. Even you can make this at your own home with almonds, cashew or walnuts. As they contain a lot of calories and energy, you can see the difference within a short period of time after including this into your diet.

8) Protein Supplements

Drinking the best protein powders are the simple and easiest way to gain weight fast. These provide you a good amount of calories or nutrients for your body. While choosing supplements always keep in mind to pick the best and healthy one. Some of the best weight gainers are Optimum Nutrition, Health kart & Health oxide, which you can try.

9) Dark Chocolate

As chocolates are rich in fat and calories; it plays an important role in weight gaining. Consuming dark chocolate not only builds muscles but it also makes your skin healthy and bright.

10) Cheese

If you are looking for weight gaining and healthy food that can provide your body a good amount of calcium, fats & protein. Then you should always go for cheese. It works amazingly for those who want to gain some extra inches.


For living healthy and fit lifestyles always try to add those kinds of foods which are rich in nutrients and dietary fibers. Try to avoid drinking alchohol, quit smoking and junk food.

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